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The Zattan (ザッタン, Zattan, Zartan in the Tokyopop edition) are a breed of ancient dinosaurs that are the ruling race in the Underground Empire of Yomi arc. They live in Yomi, a world beneath the Earth's surface, and use their hypnosis abilities to force the other species to submit to them.

A year prior to the start of the arc, these creatures had been driven out of the Yomi kingdom by the Black Ghost organization, but the remnants of the species plotted to find a way to get back their rule.







  • Due to some similarity in the katakana, it is believed that the "Zattan" name is a play on "Satan" (サタン), with the "sa" swapped out with "za" and the extra sokuon ッ, which represents a glottal stop in a word or a "choked" type of syllable. The wordplay would fit with the species being demonic ruler type of creatures.
  • The Zattans are most likely based on the Mahars from the Pelluicdar series by Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs.