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Cyborg 009-CS Yasu

Full Name

Mr. "Scar Nose" Yasu


Tokyo, Japan




Friend of Joe Shimamura


Kosuke Okano

English voice actor

Jackson Daniels

Yasu is a minor supporting character of Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier.

He happens to be somewhat of a troublemaker in Tokyo who takes pride in the scar on his nose. It's revealed when seeing Joe Shimamura that the two were friends when the latter was being taken care of by the priest.


Yasu appears to be characterized by a tall, slim sort of build. He has black eyes, black hair spiked up in the front, and has a scar in the shape of an "X" on his nose, which was a prominent detail of his, even in childhood. However, it's unknown as to how he got it.

His choice of outfit includes a red jacket, which is worn over a navy blue buttoned shirt with a yellow collar. He also sports silver-pink jeans held by a white belt with a red buckle, and wears a pair of white shoes on his feet.


While having somewhat of a complicated personality, Yasu appears as a man who seems to show pride in who he is, but also shows disappointment should others not return such respect. This was seen when some people moved away from him as he self-narrated his own entrance in a prideful sort of way. He is also not afraid to cause some trouble, being as he chased after 0013 when noticing the cyborg (which was not known to him at the time) left the bakery with some fresh bread. The reason for such being he did not have enough money to afford his own food.

Aside from this, he does seem to know right from wrong. Although Yasu had assumed Joe was responsible for the Priest's death as well as the church fire, he seemed to cast this aside after the two caught up, and he shared his suspicion over another man who used to come and take some of the other children away, such as 0013 before he would eventually be converted.


Early Life[]

Present Day[]