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Woman Esper
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Woman Esper



The Woman Esper (女エスパー Onna esupa, no other name given) is a powerful psychic member of the Mythos cyborg team, developed by Dr. Gaia and Dr. Uranus.


The Woman Esper is a tall, lavender-skinned cyborg wearing a white cloak and tunic, and golden wristbands. Atop her head is a golden-beaded tiara, along with a large, golden beehive hairstyle split down the middle.

She is mostly identified by her half-lidded eyes and her deadpan, almost completely expressionless face.


She initially remains one of the more silent and stoic members of the team early on. But after Atlas reports on the 00 cyborgs' disappearance with their submarine, she smirks and remembers that the team has an esper like her.

She considers herself to be powerful and unmatched, and does not take well to Ivan Whisky challenging her. Even when the island home of the Mythos cyborgs is being destroyed, the Woman Esper is determined to defeat her 00 cyborg counterpart to where she completely ignores her own safety.


Similar to Ivan Whisky of the 00 cyborgs, the Woman Esper has the power of telekinesis, which she uses to attack the submarine, as well as levitate and hurl boulders at the 00 cyborgs when they battle on Magma.

It is implied that she may also have other powers like Ivan's, as Helena describes the Woman Esper's powers as being identical to that of Cyborg 001.


Once Atlas had failed to defeat the 00 team, the Woman Esper decided it was her turn to attack next. After disrupting the submarine to draw out 001 for her challenge, the two eventually met in the midst of the battles on Magma.

As their power output increased, their psychic showdown, along with the other attacks on the island, caused various disasters to occur. After a flood occurred from the ocean pouring in, she attempted to keep her head above water and continued fighting, until she seemingly disappeared along with the island and all its inhabitants.



  • While unnamed in the manga, this character was given the identity of Hera in the 2001 adaptation. Her fate, which was ambiguous in the manga, was also made more clear in the 2001 anime, with Hera dying when she is swallowed up by lava and unable to shield herself with her psychic powers.
  • She is misgendered within Tokyopop's translation, with both Helena and 001 referring to her as "he".