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Vena CS

Full Name



The Yomi Kingdom




Princess of the Underground Empire




Yuki Masuda

English VA

Lia Sargent

Vena is the second-eldest princess of the Yomi Kingdom, appearing in the last in-continuity arc of the series Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier. She first appears in episode 44, and is formally introduced to the 00 Cyborg team in episode 45.


Vena has an identical appearance to the four other Pu'Awak princesses, with short, spiked-up orange-red hair, and sparkly, solid-colored eyes with no visible sclerae or pupils.

She can be differentiated by her sisters by her tiara having a blue gem in its center, as well as her eyes being a vivid green shade.

In contrast to her manga counterpart, this incarnation of Vena wears a blue jumpsuit and red shoes.


Vena is the more proactive of the five sisters, and strong-willed and serious. She vehemently defends her older sister Helen from the team's suspicions, and is set on defeating Black Ghost, as the organization has only enslaved and exploited her species further after supposedly freeing them from the Zattan.

She is initially at odds with 004 due to his suspicions over her, but the two bond over the course of their journey, with Vena developing feelings for him. She is also adamant that he has not entirely lost his humanity, although he is stubborn to believe her claims.


As part of her species' powers, Vena is able to sense what her other sisters are feeling and can read their minds. This is how she is able to discover that Daphne had leaked information to Van Vogt.



  • While the Japanese version of "Goodbye My Dolphin" has Vena refer to Helen as "onee-san" (older sister) and introduce herself as Helen's "imouto" (younger sister), the writer for the Sony Pictures English dub of the episode altered her introduction to the team to have her explain that Helen was her younger sister. The English dub and all adaptations that source from its scripts may instead give viewers the impression that Vena's the elder sister, and the oldest of all five Pu'Awaks.
  • Vena's death in the anime is made to mirror Hilda's, with her tearing up and imparting some final words to 004 before she passes away. Their similar coloration of red hair and green eyes is another interesting factor to note. Perhaps by coincidence or to further play up the connection, the Sony Pictures dub had both Hilda and Vena voiced by Lia Sargent, who had also voiced other bit parts in the series.
  • As with her original incarnation, the spelling of her name and official English notation is widely up for debate. The "Vena" name seen in the dub may have been the writers' attempt at settling on a translation, or may have stemmed from somewhere in the Japanese materials sent over.