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Van Vogt (alternatively romanized as Van Bogoot or Ban Bogart/Van Bogart, depending on the English adaptation) is the name of one of the top executives of the Black Ghost team. He appears in the Yomi arc in the original manga, and in various media adapting from it.


  • In the English dub of the 2001 series, he is given the first name of Claus. In the original anime, he is only ever referred to as "Director Van Vogt" ("Ban Boguto-kaichou").
  • Van Vogt is also loosely adapted into a character in the 2007 Skull Man anime, in which his full name is given as Alucard van Vogt.
  • The character's name seems to have been intended to be a shout-out to one of Ishinomori's favorite sci-fi writers, A.E. van Vogt. However, there may have been difficulty with rendering the surname in katakana, as both incarnations of Van Vogt (in Cyborg 009 and Skull Man) have the readings of their name differ from the most common reading used for the surname. This in turn is due to the fact that back in the 1960s, the "b" character was commonly used as a replacement for "v", while modern katakana alphabet has a "vu" character to use for "Van Vogt".
  • The French translation of the manga opted to use "Van Vogt" for the above reason, although the Italian translation used "Van Bogoot", basing the name from what the English dub of the anime had gone with.