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The Rainbow Sentai (レインボー戦隊 Reinbō Sentai?) are a superhero team comprised of 4 highly advanced robots and led by alien-human hybrid boy named Robin. They are from the 1965 manga and 1966 anime TV series Rainbow Sentai Robin (レインボー戦隊ロビン Reinbō Sentai Robin?) created by Shotaro Ishinomori.

The manga in a sense was similar to Cyborg 009, such as having team of superheroes led by a young teen wearing a scarf wielding a raygun as his weapon. The group made a cameo appearance in the Cyborg 009: Monster Wars film. A character model of Cyborg 006 was re-used in the Rainbow Sentai anime for a background character.


The planet Palta is dying and the Emperor of that planet believes that his pepole can survive the imminent doom  by invading another world: Earth. Little do the invaders know that their advance spy scout, Dr. Polto, fell in love with a human Japanese woman named Sumiko and had a son named Robin. Feeling love for the planet he had now called home, Dr. Polto builds six robots that will care for his son and eventually become Earth's last line of defense against the Palta invaders. Dr. Polto also trains his son to eventually fight before he and his wife are abducted by the Paltans. Years later, Robin and his friends form the Rainbow Sentai to stop this galactic menace and protect the Earth from the Paltans.

Cyborg 009: Monster Wars[]

The Rainbow Sentai
Robin and Bell

In the film Cyborg 009: Monster Wars, the Dolphin disembarks to find the sea monster. As the 00 Cyborgs travel along, they spot the Rainbow Sentai passing by in the sky and wave to them. Robin and Bell wave to 009 and Lili waves back to 003 before the team takes off.

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