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The Night of the Star Festival
Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier
Season 2, Episode 11
Air date July 7, 2002 (TV Tokyo)
August 28, 2004 (Adult Swim)
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Plot Summary[]

009 goes soul-searching and meets a little girl named Alice, who claims to have known him as a child. She reveals to Joe that she can jump time and takes him to the person he wishes to see the most.


Joe gets a feeling to get off a trainstop and he meets a mysterious little girl who likes to be called Alice. Alice gets Joe to go with her to her house and claims that she has known him since he was little. Joe accompanies her to her house and then she tells Joe that she can jump through time. Alice shows Joe some pictures of himself when he was little and Joe could see Alice in the reflection of his eyes in the photo. During the meteor shower, Alice then gets Joe to think of who he really wants to see. Joe finds himself in the past and it’s the star festival. He sees some children making wishes and letting a branch paper with their wishes on it float down the river. But one girl's paper gets stopped and Joe gets in the river and lets it float again. A meteor shower starts and the girl gets Joe to make a wish.Joe wishes to see his mother again. Joe wakes up back on the train and thinks it was just a dream. He gets off his stop and walks away. On the train, Alice is there



  • The star festival that the episode is referring to is the Japanese holiday of Tanabata, a celebration which starts on July 7th and sometimes on August 7th due to the Gregorian and Japanese lunar calenders differing by one month. Some of the customs of this celebration are Matsuri festivals and games, wearing traditional summer kimonos and yukata, hanging tanzaku paper of a person's wishes on bamboo and people telling the tragic love story of Orihime and Hikiboshi to audiences. Some Matsuri festivals of this holiday are celebrated in parts of the world outside Japan which have a large mixed Japanese population, such as Los Angeles, California, USA or Brazil.
    • In context, this episode originally aired in 2002 during Tanabata in Japan, but held no such significance in America due to airing on the 28th of August in 2004.