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"The Messengers from Hell" (地獄からの使者 Jigoku kara no shisha) were a trio of villains associated with the Neo Black Ghost organization, appearing in episode 33 of the 1979-1980 anime adaptation of Cyborg 009. They fought 009 and distracted him as they arranged the abduction of Tsutomu and a little girl named Chiemi.

They were loosely adapted from the Assistants of 0012 from the "Assassins" arc in the manga, just as Tsutomu had been an adaptation of Cyborg 0013. Like with the counterparts that would later appear in Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier, there is no character representing Camel.


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The leader of the trio, who carries a cane that can shoot out lasers. He is the adoptive father of Tsutomu and converted the boy into a cyborg as part of his plan to help Neo Black Ghost succeed in their destruction of the 00 cyborgs. He is ultimately killed by Tsutomu, who stops him from harming Chiemi.

He fills in for the roles of both the One-Armed Man and Roentgen from the manga, in terms of the part he plays in the battle (though he is not blind and has both arms).

Blind Messenger[]

A short, hulking man based off of Roentgen, with completely white blind eyes and a metallic eyepiece worn over his left eye. As with his manga basis, he is a master swordsman, but his sword also has the ability to emit shockwaves.

He is killed when 009 redirects his sword back to him.

While his voice actor was uncredited, he was believed to have been voiced by Keaton Yamada (who would occasionally be used for extra roles).

One-Legged Messenger[]

A man based off Scarecrow, who can use his crutch as a laser-firing gun and use his peg-leg as a pogo stick to hop away. He dresses in the fashion of a scarecrow, having a pointy hat, long white hair, and shabby tan clothing.

009 attempts to interrogate him, but he activates a bomb embedded in his teeth which causes him to self-destruct.

Though his voice actor was uncredited, it is believed his voice was provided by Kaneta Kimotsuki due to the actor being utilized for minor characters and extras in some episodes.