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"The Foundation" is the mysterious financial backer of the terrorist organization Black Ghost in the Cyborg 009 Graphic Novel.


The Foundation funded Black Ghost because they were interested in the potential of cybernetic soldiers and their abilities, which would allow them to control the world. However, Black Ghost's leader Sekar betrayed them and tried to take over the world for himself and eliminate the Zero Zero Cyborgs. When he was defeated, he was taken to a space station by one of their operatives and killed for his failure and betrayal, revealing themselves to be Foundation X.


  • Foundation X is the villainous research organization responsible for backing several evil organizations in the Kamen Rider series universe and the enemies of the superhero Kamen Rider Double. For more information, see Foundation X on the Kamen Rider Wiki
  • It is heavily implied that Generalissimo is the leader of The Foundation.