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The Bell of Love Will Ring Tomorrow
Episode 34
009 '79 ep 34
Air date November 27, 1979
Written by Ando Toyohiro
Directed by Kazayuki Hirokawa
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The Bell of Love Will Ring Tomorrow (あした鳴れ 愛の鐘?) is the thirty-fourth episode of the 1979 Cyborg 009 anime.

Plot Summary[]

Computer engineers from around the world are being abducted in Paris, France by the minions of an evil business executive who works for Neo Black Ghost. The 00 Cyborgs are called in to investigate, with 003 and 009 taking in the allure of the City of Love and enjoying each others company during the quieter moments. Francoise runs into her old friend Catherine, whose fiance Phillipe has been kidnapped to build a supercomputer for Neo Black Ghost that will steal top secret data from the nations of the world!



The 00 Cyborgs[]


  • Catherine
  • Phillipe


  • Duncan


  • The underground computer smuggles Duncan associates with are called the "Duncan Connection". Given the location of Paris, this might be a play on "The French Connection" a 1971 crime drama movie starring Gene Hackman.