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Super Gun '64

The Super Gun is the main weapon of the 00 Cyborgs and other parties including Black Ghost. It is a pistol-like blaster equipped with multiple settings for specific tasks such as a stun function and high power energy rays that are able to take out armored vehicles like tanks or gigantic monsters such as Stone Giants.

The original manga version had several settings: Gun, Heat Ray, Stun, Poison Gas and Tranquilizer Darts.

The 2001 anime version had 5 settings: Beam, Energy Magnum, Freezer, Needle and Knockout Ray.


  • The Super Gun has also appeared in other Ishinomori manga such as Android Kikaider, Robot Detective, Skull Man and 009-1; the last of which being an indirect 1967 spinoff of Cyborg 009.
    • In 009-1, it is called the WA-P009 Plasma Gun and is the primary weapon of secret agent Mylene Hoffman
  • The Super Gun's design is different in the 1979 anime series. Compared to the original, it is more gun-like in appearance with a long barrel,a conical muzzle and a scope lens on top. The handle is larger and has a flat end. The power level of the guns has increased, the energy being strong enough to take on and destroy gigantic monsters if the blasts are concentrated on a fixed point.
  • In one episode of the 2001 anime, when 002 activated and fired the gun's Knockout Ray, the Phaser sound effect from Star Trek is used.
    • The Phasers also bear a functional resemblance to the Super Gun.