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Skull Mask




Member of the Ghost Alliance



Skull Mask (髑髏仮面, Dokuro Kamen) is a minor villain of the 1968 incarnation of Cyborg 009, appearing in episode 13. He is one of two villains that loosely adapt the manga character of Skull.


Skull Mask wears a black, form-fitting suit with a light-gray collar, a pair of white gloves, a black cape with a light underside, and knee-high boots.

His costume has a skeleton motif - on the front of his torso is a pattern resembling a backwards spine with ribs and a small skull on top. True to his name, he covers his face with a helmet mask resembling a real skull, with black eye holes, a pair of smaller black holes where the nose should be, and short upper teeth with the lower jaw missing.


Skull Mask can change his arms into a pair of spears, as well as spit acid from his mouth.


  • Because the 1968 version of Cyborg 009 was broadcast as a TV show for children (and somewhat followed the 1960s film continuity), Skull Mask's role was changed significantly. Instead of being the sinister leader of Black Ghost who was solely responsible for the creation of the 00 Cyborgs in the original manga, Skull Mask was cast as a minor, ineffectual antagonist who is easily defeated by the heroes.