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Shizue Kozumi is a character that appears in episode 3 of the 1968 Cyborg 009 series, "Battle at the South Pole". She is the young daughter of Dr. Kozumi, one of Dr. Gilmore's colleagues.


Shizue, much like her manga counterpart, appears wearing a blouse and jumper skirt, along with a ribbon bandanna tied around her head and her hair itself tied back into a ponytail.

While the 1968 series itself was in monochrome, the 1977 "Roman Album" by Tokuma Shoten that commemorated the adaptation depicted her as having blue hair. She does not wear any coat to Antarctica, as her manga counterpart had (although the adaptation of this episode for the Asahi Sonorama drama albums does depict her in such a coat).

In Ishinomori's illustrations for the rendition of the episode seen in the drama album, Shizue has brown hair and wears a green blouse and jumper skirt, later wearing the aforementioned yellow coat with oversized buttons.


While Shizue seems to be an average young girl, she has come to be melancholy and upset over how her father has neglected to spend time with her, even missing out on her 12th birthday. She confesses to hating his research, due to it keeping them apart.


After her father was abducted by agents from the "Black Cross", they had also come for Shizue, but were momentarily driven away by 009. After 009 rescued her, Shizue confessed to hating her father's research, yet feeling depressed that it also lead to him being in danger.

Shizue herself was soon captured by the Black Cross as a way of forcing her dad into cooperation, leaving 009 and 007 to trail her to Antarctica. After being rescued and seeing the 00 team fight off the Black Cross, her father explained that he had created the Mad Machine in his hopes to eliminate war from the world, and revealed how her mother had died.

Shizue was overjoyed to realize that her dad had also hated war machines, while Kozumi and Dr. Gilmore agreed to work on a new Mad Machine when they'd return to Japan.


  • Although Shizue's hatred of machinery and technology was mostly excised, her final line of "You hated machines too!" may seem bizarre when no previous indication was given. Her final scene of glancing at 009 and being fearful of him was excised, likely to end the episode on a more positive note.
  • Shizue has twelve candles on her birthday cake, indicating a possible age, although it is not known if this was explicitly intended or might be an animation error.
  • While the equivalent character was nameless and faceless in the manga, this character's mother is given the name of "Cynthia" here. Oddly enough, the manga character that Shizue was based from had earned that rename in the then-current Sunday Comics reprint.