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Savior Tank

Savior Tanks are heavily armored mecha exosuits used by the troops of the United Nations Guardians. They are made by military weapons manufacturer Dynamic Ultra. The exosuits are equipped with rocket boosters for flight and come in a variety of different colors and carry various equipment for specific types of combat.


  • Paratrooper: A blue-grey model, able to leap from an aircraft into hostile terrain.
  • Infantry: Army brown model, able to chase down targets by hovering across urban areas.
  • Naval: White and blue models used for undersea combat, equipped with depth charge rocket launchers.
  • Director Pyotr's personal Savior Tank: An intimidating special jet black model that could augment Pyotr's overclocked abilities, making him move as fast as 009 and able to fly faster than 002. It is also equipped with plasma armor shielding, rendering ordinary gunfire useless against it.


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