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Rise of the Demon
Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier
Season 2, Episode 21
Air date September 15, 2002 (TV Tokyo)
November 6, 2004 (Cartoon Network)
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Yomi Group

Plot Summary[]




  • The initial broadcast version of the episode had incomplete animation, with many frozen/still shots, repeated running cycles, and other shortcuts use due to the fact that it was behind schedule. The fixed version of the episode seen on DVD and foreign adaptations rectified some of these errors, though other poorly-drawn shots and animation errors remain (such as Vena being depicted with sclerae in a scene).
  • This wound up being the final season 2 episode to air on Cartoon Network in the USA, though the season 2 episodes (and "God's War") had already completely aired on Cartoon Network Latinoamerica months earlier. As they had sourced from Sony's dub, it appears that the English dub was held up from being aired until Cartoon Network put it in the early AM timeslot. There is no official reason widely given for why Cartoon Network stopped at this episode and did not air the "Yomi Group" recap, the finale, or "God's War", although low ratings have been suspected. However, the low ratings of season 1 on Toonami have been speculated to have caused Cartoon Network to financially "write-off" the dub the following year, airing whatever remainder of the series they could before their broadcast rights expired.