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Rina (レナ, Rina, alternatively romanized as Lina ) is a character appearing in the fifteenth episode of the 1968 Cyborg 009 series, titled "Tragedy of the Beast Men". She is a time traveler from the year 2268, where Earth has become a post-apocalyptic society after the events of the third World War.


Rina has long, dark hair held back by a spotted headband. She wears a short, fur-trimmed dress and boots, as well as a pendant around her neck.

As part of her deformity from the nuclear fallout, she was born without her feet and has to rely on cybernetic prostheses.



Rina and her boyfriend Jack were involved in a traffic accident outside the Chang Changku restaurant. After Jack's prosthetic arm wound up left behind, he was captured and executed by the Time Agents to prevent their presence from being outed.

Rina would later attempt to kill 009 and 003 to avenge her lover, in particular aiming a gun at 003 out of jealousy for her having natural legs and for still having a living boyfriend.

However, Rina's brother Noah would then reveal that the two of them were distant descendants of 009 and 003, thus why the cyborgs couldn't be executed. Noah then explained his new plan to go back in time to the prehistoric age, so that they would become humanity's own ancestors. The two siblings disappeared in their time machine.


  • Perhaps due to the implication of her also being a descendant of 009 and 003, Rina's blonde hair was changed to what could be assumed to be the same shade of brown that 003 had in the '60s animated media.
  • Though the episode preserved some of the original settings of the manga, such as the future people having nuclear-caused deformities, many other liberties were taken, down to the state of Rina's feet. In the original manga serialization, Rina simply had six-toed feet that she considered as having made her hideous.
  • Although her name is debated as "Lina" or "Rina" as it is, the fact that her brother bears the Hebrew name of Noah in this incarnation could possibly indicate that her name was intended as Rina (also an existing Hebrew name with same katakana notation).