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Princess Ixquic (alternatively Xquic) may refer to an android character seen in the story "The City of Wind", along with her incarnations that appear in other adaptations. These different versions are listed below.


  • Due to how her name is rendered in katakana, her name is sometimes mistranslated as "Ishuki" or "Ishukik".
  • Her name derives from the Mayan mythological figure Xquic/Ixquic ("Blood Maiden"), the mother of the Mayan hero twins Hunahpue and Xbalanque. Her robot Cabrakan's name derives from that of the Mayan god of the mountains, who was defeated by the twins.
  • Before she was adapted for the 2001 series, Ixquic appeared in an illustration in a 1981 supplemental magazine for the film Cyborg 009 The Movie: Legend of the Super Galaxy, in a two-page spread that recreated "The City of Wind" in the film's style, after Yasuhiro Yamaguchi's character designs. Her hair was depicted blue, as opposed to the black of the manga or the green shade seen in the 2001 series.