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An alternate desolate future ruled by Black Ghost


Psychic human


Member of the Mutant Warriors group




Mitsuki Saiga

English VA

Richard Cansino (last name credited as "Hayworth")

Phil is a character created exclusively for the 2001 anime series Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier, and is the younger brother of Rina. He is a major supporting villain of the Mutant Warriors arc.



Due to his young age, Phil is a hotheaded kid who is desperate to prove himself. He is usually the first to physically age in battle because he is always using his powers beyond what his body can manage.


Phil and his older sister Rina came from a desolate future where the 00 cyborgs failed to defeat the sinister Black Ghost organization, allowing Skull to take over Earth and turn it into a war-torn ruin. Since then, humans have developed psychic powers as a measure of defense against the treacherous environment.

One day, Phil, Rina, and their friends Cain, Mii, and Nichol came across an old journal written by Dr. Gilmore (who is deceased in their future). Inspired by the journal's words, the five psychics used their powers to travel back into the distant past in an attempt to fix it and create a brighter future. Unfortunately, Nichol was lost, and the strain from using their powers caused Phil, Rina, Mii, and Cain to physically age. They turned to Dr. Gamo Whisky, the estranged elderly father of 00 cyborg Ivan Whisky, for help, but the former Black Ghost scientist brainwashed them into becoming his personal assassins. He sent them after the 00 cyborgs to get rid of them except for Ivan, who he wanted to retrieve.


Like his fellow psychic teammates, Phil has telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Unfortunately, overusing his abilities causes his body to physically age into that of an old man.


  • It is believed that for the arc, the writer Shinsuke Onishi loosely sourced from the name of Philippe from the manga, a character that was a Time Soldier who had formerly operated under the orders of The Commander (who himself was visually sourced for Cain) but had gone rogue. Philippe would experience his own premature aging effect early on, when he was seen as an "old man" in his first cameo.