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Oyamada (小山田, no first name given) is a character that appears at the start of the Underground Empire of Yomi arc in Cyborg 009. He was a friend of Joe Shimamura before he became a cyborg, being a fellow delinquent that wound up imprisoned at the Kurihama reformatory.


Oyamada is a short, stocky young man with a bulbous round nose, and short, shaggy black hair. He wears a zip-up jacket with matching pants, and a black undershirt.

After stripping off his clothing and revealing his own cybernetic modifications, Oyamada is shown to have robotic tusks protruding from his shoulders and abdomen.

Personality and Relationships[]

Joe Shimamura[]

The two were friends in Joe's juvenile hall days, although one day, Joe had vanished.

While Oyamada showed some reluctance to kill Joe after the orders were sent out, he was still intent on following the mission, as he felt betrayed by Joe's disappearance.


The robotic tusks fused to Oyamada's body could snap shut and lie against it, or open up and attempt to spear a target (and are sharp enough to shred fabric).


During the early 1960s, Oyamada and Joe Shimamura had gotten to know each other and became friends, along with Ibaraki and Mary. However, Joe had disappeared one day.

Two years later, Oyamada, Mary, and Ibaraki reconnected with Joe, and had operated under the guise of owning a moving company. However, they had actually been abducted at some point by Black Ghost, and converted into cyborgs for the purpose of killing Joe (who had betrayed the organization as 009).

While Oyamada seemed nervous to follow through on the orders, he was convinced that Joe had abandoned him and the others and left them to their horrible fate. Despite Joe's attempts to plead with him to reconsider and stop, Oyamada attempted to charge Joe, self-destructing with the other two in the process. Joe then realized that Oyamada had a bomb wired to explode inside him, and that he and his other friends were unable to go against their orders.



  • Though he has no given name in the original manga, his incarnation in the "Cyborg Soldier" anime is referred to as "Masaru".