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Noah is a character appearing in the fifteenth episode of the 1968 Cyborg 009 series, "Tragedy of the Beast Men". He is the commander of the time-travel plan for the refugees from the 23rd century, and a counterpart to the Commander from the original manga arc.

He is the older brother of Rina, and a distant descendant of 009 and 003.


As with his manga incarnation, Noah is a young man dressed in a black-and-gold patterned unitard, though its exact colors are unclear in the animation due to its monochrome nature. He wears a light colored capelet around his shoulders, with a star symbol on the middle.

The right half of Noah's face is entirely concealed by a black half-mask, with the implication being that the right side of his face had suffered deformities at birth. Though the left half of his face is exposed, he wears a sunglass-like monocle over his visible eye. He has light hair, in contrast to his ancestors.