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Minotaur (ミノタウロス Minotaurosu, lit. "Minotauros") is one of many Mythos cyborgs that appear in the Mythos arc, as a Greece-based cyborg cell of the Black Ghost organization. They are used in a challenge against the 00 cyborg team, with the intent of defeating them and proving who is strongest, as well as to punish them for betraying the organization.


Minotaur is a muscular, mostly humanoid male cyborg with a bull's head, fitting of his mythological basis. He wears a white tunic and cloak, as well as gold arm and wrist bands, and gladiator sandals.


He is mostly one of the more quiet and less expressive team members, though he initially expresses disgust and anger at learning that there are cyborgs that betrayed Black Ghost. He does not know of what an "esper" is, with the term having to be defined to him.

Like his teammates, he is willing to fight the 00 cyborgs at whatever cost.


Minotaur can fire destructive, painful lasers from his horns, which he uses to injure 002 in the climactic battle.


After the 00 cyborgs had arrived at Magma Island to answer the challenge of the Mythos team and to rescue a captive 003, Minotaur, Lion Man, and Horse Man arrived to face off against 002, 004, 005, and 006.

The 00 cyborgs were left barely able to fight against the trio, with Minotaur zapping 002 and angering 004. The battle was soon interrupted by the clash between 001 and the Woman Esper, whose telekinetic abilities were wreaking havoc with the island and causing it to be overrun with natural disasters. Minotaur was lost in a rockslide, and presumed dead with the ensuing flood that sunk the island into the sea.