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Mii, also known by the alias of "Tashiro Mii", is a character that appears in the "People Drifting Between Space and Time" arc of the Cyborg 009 manga. She is a time-traveler sent forward from the Jomon period of Japan.


Mii has long, black hair with a thick fringe, as well as completely black, sparkling eyes akin to the type seen on Princess Ixquic and the Pu'Awak sisters.

She first appears in a schoolgirl uniform, but then appears in various other outfits through the arc.


Mii first appears to be a tough, brazen delinquent girl who hounds people with her gang. However, she also displays a rather cryptic side. After giving up on her mission to kill Joe, she becomes more openly affectionate and attracted towards him, becoming tearful and emotional.


Mii appeared to have originated from the Jomon period, and was sent forward with the orders to kill Joe Shimamura. However, after her plan was discovered and she couldn't bring herself to fulfill it, she became an ally to Joe, but soon found herself kidnapped and taken back to her era.

After Joe traveled back to save her and to stop the time agents' meddling, an explosion caused Joe and Chang to be sent back to the present day, while Mii was seemingly lost in time, with no one else in the present able to remember the existence of a "Tashiro Mii".


  • Mii's name and some aspects of her appearance were loosely sourced for a character in the 2001 anime series, but other than that, the two are entirely different. The "Cyborg Soldier" version of Mii shows no attraction to Joe, and comes from a post-apocalyptic future (as opposed to the past).