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Full Name



A future where Black Ghost conquered the Earth


Psychic human


Member of the Mutant Warriors team




Romi Park

English VA

Melodee Spevack (credited as "Sonja S. Fox")

Mii, renamed Mai in the English dub and adaptations sourced from it, is part of the "Mutant Warriors" group that face off against the 00 cyborg team in an anime-original arc spanning from episodes 39 to 42.


Mii has long, dark purple hair with a very thick fringe, and is notably characterized by her blank eyes that appear very similar to 004's.

She wears an olive green bodysuit with black trim.


Mii is cold and sarcastic, and one of the more mature members of the team. She bonds with Phil, the youngest team member, and opts to cooperate with the 00 cyborgs after she notices him distraught over his sister's disappearance.



Mii, along with the rest of her group, traveled back to the turn of the millennium in hopes of stopping Black Ghost from ruling the world and driving it into the apocalyptic future. After meeting Dr. Gamo Whisky, they all had their memories wiped and were used to attack the 00 cyborg team in order for Dr. Whisky to get his son back.

Later on, Mii regained her memories and got the cyborgs to join her in a trip to the future to rescue 009 and Rina, who had time-jumped and become lost there.

After Rina sacrificed herself by taking Cain into "The Labyrinth" to eternally fight throughout space and time, Mii wound up fading from existence, as the future they came from wound up altered.


  • Mii shares her name and part of her appearance with the character from the manga, but was otherwise significantly altered by the production team. Naoyuki Konno's character design for her bears a bit more in common with a character from the third Genma Wars series, who had a similar hairstyle and blank eyes.
  • Her dub name may have come about to avoid the awkwardness of a character's name sounding like the word "Me", or may have stemmed from a mispronunciation and misunderstanding by the voice actors and director, with pronouncing the "ii" part of her name like the long "i" vowel.