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Lucy Davenport
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Lucy Davenport

Lucy Davenport is a major supporting character in the CGI film Cyborg 009: Call of Justice.


Lucy is an early middle age woman (late 30s or early 40s) with blond hair and blue eyes who wears a white undershirt and a grey suit with grey pants and black loafer shoes.




Current information about her is unknown, but the film's summary reveals that Lucy is a journalist searching to expose the truth of Blessed, an evil organization of superhumans who have manipulated humanity throughout the course of history. She plays a role in the 00 Cyborg team coming out of retirement from heroics, drawing them into fierce opposition against Blessed in order to save the world.

Appearances in other Media[]

Lucy Davenport (Manga)

Lucy in the manga adaptation of Call of Justice

Lucy appeared in the manga adaptation of the film, though one noticeable difference from her film counterpart is she appears to be younger in the manga.


  • Lucy shares the same name as the British actress Lucy Davenport, who appeared as a supporting character in Tim Burton's 2010 film Alice in Wonderland.
  • According to her UNG data file: Lucy was born on September 30th, weighs 65 kg. (143 lbs.) and is 170 cm. in height (5'5").
    Lucy's UNG File