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Loki is one of the Norse God Cyborgs and an enemy of the 00 Cyborgs.


Loki is a middle aged bald man with an overweight build and facial hair on his chin. He wears robes of various kinds with sandals. During his operation in the Himalayas, he wore a winter coat and hat with mountain climbing gear to pass off as a tourist.



Molten God of Mischief

Loki's skin melts after 006 counterattacks him, the burns sustained to his body kill him instantly.

During his last battle with the 00 Cyborgs, Loki was melted down by Cyborg 006's fire and died from his injuries after 004 dodged his flame breath.


Befitting of his namesake, Loki is a trickster who is a master of disguise and can skillfully manipulate people into believing whatever he says, which he uses to full advantage in the schemes of the Norse God Cyborgs to cause panic, convince humans to worship them and in some cases turn humans against the 00 Cyborgs. In addition to his cunning, he is able to breathe green flames in a manner similar to Cyborg 006 to melt or burn his targets. Loki also had wolves that accompanied him that also could breathe fire.