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Little Visitors
Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier
Season 2, Episode 1
009 2001 Ep 27
Air date April 28, 2002 (TV Tokyo)
May 3, 2004 (Cartoon Network AM block)
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Little Visitors is the first episode of Season 2 of Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier. It loosely adapts from the "Cosmo Child" arc in the 1980s run of the manga.

Plot Summary[]

A UFO crash lands on Earth and three alien children emerge from it. The 00 Cyborgs find them and learn they are fugitives from an evil race of invaders. However, the invaders arrive on Earth to attack major cities around the world!




  • While 002 plays more of a major role in the anime adaptation, his part in the manga was very minor and he was mostly relegated to reacting to the events that went on.
  • In the manga, five alien children (Lilo, Mel, Pato, Allo, and Moko) are initially discovered before the rest are found (including Pal). The initial group was shortened to three for this episode.
  • The manga also states that the children are from the planet Fululu, and that their parents were wiped out by the enemy race. In the anime, the alien children are a species from a different dimension. However, the "Fululu" name was given to the baby, as a nod to the original story.
  • By this episode, Cartoon Network moved Cyborg 009 over to their AM hours block on Friday nights/Saturday mornings, with the episodes airing at 1:30 am. One theory was that this happened due to the darker content of the second season, which prevented them from showing it in its original time slot on Toonami. The more speculated theory had to do with season 1's ratings doing poorly on Toonami, which caused the rest of the dub to be shelved and then burnt off in the late-night slot.