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This is a list of the chapters present in Conclusion GOD'S WAR and their detailed plot summaries.

Prologue: 001: The Fluttering of Angels' Wings[]

Imagery of various works by Shotaro Ishinomori are shown, including Kikaider, Kamen Rider, Sabu and Ichi's Detective Tales, Sarutobi Ecchan, Ganbare! Robocon, and Robot Keiji, among many others.

August 1997: Shotaro Ishinomori reminisces on his work Cyborg 009, as a narrator explains each of the team members' abilities. Ishinomori has finished illustrating a piece of concept art of the team, while the narrator goes on to mention how he had previously tried to end the series twice; once with the "Angel" arc, and the next time with "Battle with the Gods". Thus, in order to make a satisfactory final chapter, Ishinomori needed the most ample amount of time and preparation to work on it.

As Ishinomori signs his name on the concept art, he is suddenly telepathically contacted by Cyborg 001, who emerges from the image. At Ishinomori's surprise of seeing his creation "Ivan Whisky", Ivan/001 corrects him, stating that his name is actually "Ivan Torsky". Ivan then explains that the other 00 cyborgs are real people, and that their actual names are also much different. He points out that Ishinomori must have named 003 "Francoise" after his favorite French actress, and states that "Jet Link" (Jett Rink) was borrowed from a movie (Giant). Ivan explains that the other cyborgs find the names amusing, and have taken to calling each other by them sometimes. However, Ivan then adds that he's sent Ishinomori a messenger, and that they need his help.

Ishinomori wakes up from the apparent dream, finding himself in bed in his hospital room. Dr. Gilmore then enters the hospital room, greating him as "Sho-san". Gilmore reveals that he's known of Ishinomori for a long time, and that Ivan had transported him back in time to meet him. Ishinomori is in disbelief that his manga characters are real. Gilmore explains that in the year 2005, the idea of the "Cyborg Astronaut Project" came into being, and that he had worked as a scientist on the project, only to find out it was being exploited by the Black Ghost organization as a means to create war. Gilmore states of how he and the nine cyborgs developed by Black Ghost managed to rebel, while Ishinomori realizes that the story is reminiscent of his manga. Gilmore explains that this is due to Ivan sending visions of their struggle back to the past, and into Ishinomori's mind. Ishinomori points out that he had developed the manga from seeing an article in a 1960 LIFE magazine, but Gilmore claims that the idea was blended with the telepathic suggestions, and jokes that he owes Ivan "royalty fees".

Gilmore explains that Ivan had sent these visions due to foreseeing disaster in the world. In a flashback, Ivan panics over an earthquake that is soon to hit. After the quake subsides, Gilmore searches for Ivan, but finds him missing. Ivan wakes up in a mysterious dimension, witnessing imagery of various disasters that will happen in the future. As Ivan wonders the meaning of the terrifying images, he is swarmed by a group of angels, who silently glare at him before morphing into a phoenix made up of light. Ivan picks up telepathic messages from the angels, hearing that the year 2012 is the time of their "Harvest", and that their creation of humankind was a "mistake".

Back in 1997, Ishinomori is stunned by the information that Gilmore has given him. He points out that the Mayans had predicted that the world would end in December 2012. Gilmore then reminds Ishinomori of how he had put the final Cyborg 009 arc on hiatus, and asks if he's figured out the conclusion. Ishinomori admits that he's had ideas, but nothing has been finalized. Gilmore urges Ishinomori on hints of how to fight the Gods, but must soon depart and asks that he please think about a "happy ending" for their struggle. Ishinomori asks Gilmore if the final arc will be sold in the future, and insists that he'll be able to tell him of the ending next year when they meet. Gilmore nearly informs Ishinomori of his impending death, but stops himself and lies, stating that he'll look for the manga at the bookstore when he returns to 2012.

As Gilmore fades away, Ishinomori looks over his concept art and the various memos that he's drafted the final arc in. He has now figured out the title to his tale: "2012 009 Conclusion: GOD'S WAR". He notes that while this is the cyborgs' final battle, this moment itself is also his own final battle before he dies.

002: The Bottom of the Skyscraper[]

In New York City, Jet Link, now a private detective, receives a request from a woman named Elsie Wright to find her brother Michael. Jet learned that Michael had faith in a god of an unspecified religion, to which he attributed to his success. During his investigation, Jet later finds out that Michael was found dead, having been stabbed in the heart and thrown into the Brooklyn bay. He and Elsie are then chased and caught by suspicious people.

In the underground tunnels of the New York City sewer system, Jet is lead to a building that resembles the Vatican. The thugs are revealed to have been from the Fucho Cult, a black magic cult that targeted Elsie under the pretense that she killed someone. Seeing men in lab coats, Jet believes they might have some connection to Black Ghost. Encountering the Emperor God, the Monk of Shadows, Jet is planned to be brainwashed. While Jet and Elsie are held hostage by the cult in a cell, Elsie winds up confessing that she killed the cult's second-in-command, the man who converted Michael to the cult. Suddenly, a reanimated Michael comes into the room and shoots a Super Gun at Elsie, killing her. Jet knocks Michael out and finds the hidden laboratory, encountering the former Black Ghost scientists who recall him as Cyborg 002. When they try to retaliate, Jet throws one of the scientists, and later encounters zombies made from the dead believers.

Heading into the sewers, Jet notices mutant crocodiles that feed on the zombies. While Jet tries to escape, he is immobilized by the Monk, who explains that he wants to use science to stand at the top of humanity in an era of gods. The monk, as well as his worshippers, are then destroyed by a cyborg called the God of Gods that was created by the scientists. When the scientists ordered the God to attack 002, it turned on the scientists and vanished. Jet is left to wonder what will happen.

003: The Impossible[]

Near the Louvre, Francoise Arnoul waits for a friend named Alain Deneuve, a researcher in archaeology at the university she attends. The two had met after Alain had come to personally give her flowers after attending one of her shows, in spite of her being in the back row of dancers. She gets along with Alain, partly due to the similarities he has with 009. While she still has feelings for Joe, Francoise has wanted to avoid anything related to the cyborgs' exploits, as she wants to live the normal life that Black Ghost had robbed her of.

In the Louvre, Alain introduces Francoise to his friend Canet, inviting him to dinner. While walking around the museum, Francoise is astonished by the sight of the "Nike of Samothrace". At the cafe, the pair meet up with Canet, but Francoise notices something hovering about the Louvr.e The object vanishes at the last second, before anyone else notices. Alain reveals he donated something to the Louvre, while Canet brings up "OO PARTS" ("out of place artifacts") that are in the museum's storage, saying the dishes Alain donated won't be displayed as they are considered to be impossibilities. Alain then gives another OO PART to Francoise as a gift, with it being a brooch resembling a sunflower. When Alain sees a woman that resembles Francoise inside the OO PART and passes it around, 003 hears a voice saying that it is "looking for the eyes" , before a strange alien woman appears in her mind.

The next day, Francoise is still disturbed about what happened, and Alain calls her to make sure she is alright, bringing up that the Louvre found an "OO PART" resembling the woman who was seen in the crystal the other day. When Alain and Canet view the statue of the strange woman, it is shown to have one crystal eye that resembles the "brooch" Alain found. When Alain fits the other eye into the empty socket of the bust, it begins to glow and affect him. Canet is affected by the remaining eye, as it falls out of the bust.

Later on, Francoise is waiting for Alain, only for the police to call and reveal that Alain was found dead. At the scene of death, the crystal is shown to be shattered into pieces. A police officer named Inspector Maurice reveals that Canet was also found dead at the Louvre, with the other crystal found at the scene of death. However, later on at an autopsy room, the bodies of Alain and Canet wind up being revealed to have disappeared.

At the Louvre, the night guards find the artifacts room where Canet died a mess, before they're taken out by a mysterious force. Francoise calls Inspector Maurice about having the crystal, but her door bell rings. She answers the bell, only to find Alain and Canet alive and in the security guards' uniforms. When Francoise questions the two about events they claim to not have memories of, she reveals the crystal that had been broken by Alain. When Alain asks for the other one and Francoise questions them further, Alain reveals that he knows about Francoise as 003 and the other cyborgs. He then reveals that he and Canet are acting on the will of a god-like being, and that the 00 Cyborgs are a threat to them. Canet threatens Francoise with a knife, only to shot by Inspector Maurice, who's arrived in time to assist.

Francoise tries to reason with the two men, but they don't listen. Canet is also revealed to have a healing factor, as he rids himself of the gunshot wound that was inflicted on him. Francoise tries to get the Inspector to destroy the crystal, but Canet morphs into an angel-like being and lifts the Inspector off into the air. Maurice throws Francoise the crystal, which Alain attempts to seize. As Francoise jumps from the window of her apartment, she finds herself caught by a glowing nude angelic figure, which resembles Alain. The other, corrupt Alain grows wings from his back to fight against the other.

After Canet kills Inspector Maurice, he chases Francoise for the crystal. While she does not intend to fight, she finds herself subdued by Canet, who grabs the crystal. Suddenly, Canet and the crystal find themselves disintegrated by the mysterious UFO, while Francoise thinks back to Joe. The corrupt Alain leaves, flying off into the sky after seeing the "eyes" destroyed. Francoise then hears the voice of the mysterious alien woman, as she thanks her. The spectral Alain flies off with the spaceship, leaving Francoise to ponder on what just happened.

004: The Fairy Road[]

Albert Heinrich is seen shooting at the moon in anger, after a massacre that occurred in a village.

Two days prior, we flash back to him being shown driving a truck and reminiscing about his past (including the death of Hilda). He arrives at Augsburg, and encounters a woman being chased by thugs. It is revealed that the woman had stolen money from them. Even though she tried to return it to them, the thugs still tried to harm her for her crime. Heinrich fights off the thugs, but the woman thanking him only brings back memories of his lost love Hilda, and he tries to drown it all out in alcohol. The next day, he encounters the woman again, who introduces herself as Iere. She asks to be driven to her village, to which he begrudgingly complies. While hearing that Iere's village is poor, Heinrich notices a car following them, before someone shoots at the truck's tires.

The shooters are revealed to be the thugs from the previous night. Heinrich uses his machine gun hand to take them down, but Iere notices from her hiding place. She however doesn't mind his robotic hand, and reveals that her village is special because the people have special abilities. Iere showcases her ability to project images from the past into a person's mind, showing her parents massacred in a murder-suicide, as a result of her father having cheated on her mother. Heinrich notices the village being busier than it should b,e before being invited into Iere's house. Iere leaves to speak with her grandfather (the head of the village), while leaving coffee that Heinrich notices has some kind of herbs in it. Spitting it out, he watches a rat drink it and fall unconscious.

Iere speaks with her grandfather about a festival that occurs every three years, where men fight each other for the sake of the village being given three years worth of rations. The victor is labeled as a warrior. Every three decades however, there is a bigger festival where a sacrifice of the village's warrior is presented to a God, in order to open a way to the spirit world (given the phenomena that could claim the earth in time). The current warrior is Iere's boyfriend Caturix, and Iere is planning on having Heinrich take his place, after having used her powers to pry into his past and having seen him fought as Cyborg 004. The village head gives Iere an axe to get Heinrich's heart. However, Iere is hesitant so the headman gives her a choice between Heinrich or Caturix.

However, Caturix is revealed to have heard everything, after wondering why Iere had not came to see him. Caturix attempts to kill Heinrich himself, but Heinrich attempts to fight back before being overpowered by a numbing nectar spewed from Caturix's mouth. Iere then intervenes, disabling Caturix via the same method he used. As the villagers gather near the house, Iere unveils her true form; that of a strange, moth-like woman. Iere reveals to Heinrich that her villagers' true forms were called "Fairies", but the form was sealed off so that they could co-exist with humans and blend in, except on the night of the festival. Iere flies Heinrich away from the village, and into part of the forest. She detransforms back into her human guise.

Heinrich questions Iere about why she'd attempted to poison and sacrifice him. Iere confessed that she had intentionally imitated Hilda's appearance in order to get his interest and lure him to her village. However, she couldn't go through with the sacrifice, as she felt a similar sadness and loneliness from him. Heinrich forgives her, giving her his coat to cover up with. Iere asks if Heinrich will go with her to the spirit world, wanting him to leave to it with her, but also realizing that nobody had ever returned from the portal to it (a large gaping hole in the ground). She feels that if they escape to the spirit world, they can avoid the disasters that will plague the Earth. However, Heinrich refuses the idea, as he makes note of his 00 teammates. He chooses to stay and fight the "Gods", while Iere decides that she'll stay on Earth with Heinrich.

The villagers find the two, with Caturix demanding that the headman do something about Heinrich. The headman allows Heinrich and Caturix to fight for one person to become a sacrifice, but while Caturix accuses Heinrich of having stolen Iere away, this causes Heinrich to become lost in thought at the reminder of how Hilda was taken from him (by death).

Caturix uses Heinrich's lack of action to defeat him, and is declared the winner... as well as the sacrifice, since the strongest man will be used as that. An angered Caturix accuses the village of betrayal and begs for his life, only to find that not even Iere will defend him. He is hit with the axe, and attempts to run away, but jumps into the hole to the "Spirit World".

From the abyss, a large serpentine dragon re-emerges, a Celtic God that villagers call "Crom Cruach" (or "Crow"). It brutally slaughters the villagers, but Iere sees that the God is actually Caturix. As the transformed Caturix slaughters more people, he snaps Iere up in his jaw and flies off with her. Heinrich launches a missile at him to make him drop Iere, but she is revealed to be mortally wounded and dies from her injuries. As Caturix ascends to the moon, the headman is left in disbelief over what happened, and Heinrich shoots off his arsenal at the moon, cursing God for his misfortune.

005: Gaia's Capital[]

In the Amazon Jungle, 005 is traveling on the river, apparently hearing the words of the rain forest itself.

While Geronimo Jr. is displeased that the rainforest is being cut down for development, he is willing to do his part by hunting down poachers. The poachers Jr. is looking for is a group targeting endangered species called 'Mankind' with the help of a young man he befriended called Mickey. However, Mickey was apparently killed by Mankind, with the group sending Jr. his severed arm in a boat. Geronimo had decided to go confront Mankind himself. When he finds their boat, the poachers shoot at him but are no match for his strength. With the boat crashing, it explodes and Geronimo is thrown onto the shore.

As he lies unconscious, he dreams of tribal chiefs discussing about the Earth approaching a cataclysm. Waking up, Jr. is confronted by a local tribe who call him a savior for stopping the poachers. The tribe asks him to come to their temple, where more of Mankind is trying to steal the gold goddess statue. Geronimo agrees, and on the way he hears about Mankind going into the ruins and having killed off half the tribe. He also hears of how one man's daughter hung herself, similar to other cases of this mysterious 'epidemic'. As more women hang themselves, Geronimo is brought to the chief and shaman, where he agrees to protect the temple of the Mother God to prevent more sacrifices. Six warriors from the tribe paint themselves with the scars on Geronimo's face to join him.

At the temple, the group is informed that the poachers have tens of men. Taking out poachers in shifts, the group goes into the temple. Geronimo takes out the poachers but notices the drill on the other hall stopped. The celebrating tribesman are shot by reinforcements. Geronimo throws a tractor at the gunmen, but is ambushed from behind.

Waking up later, Geronimo finds out the man who knocked him out is actually Mickey (who's missing an arm). But Geronimo notices something different about his friend, particularly that his high voice has changed to be deep and guttural. Mickey is revealed to have been possessed by a god, and reveals that gods like him have programmed humanity to take their own lives through manipulation of their instincts. He explains it's in order to wipe them out, so that Earth itself won't continue to be destroyed. The possessed Mickey offers Geronimo to join him, but when he refuses, Mickey decides to burn him to death. However, a wild wind stirs up, causing the flames to form a spiraling serpentine dragon at Mickey, burning him until he's nothing but a smoldering pile of bones. The spirits that assisted Geronimo wake him up, but later cry out about something approaching. It turns out the god that possessed Mickey was the god named Kulkulcan, who says that Geronimo has a long battle ahead of him.

006: The Food in the Sky[]

Somewhere in Tibet, Chang Changku has left his restaurant in Shanghai on a journey with a pig. Earlier, a man had come into his restaurant having lost his memories after coming out of a strange place that somehow prevented him from aging making him over one hundred years old. Changku theorized that the man may have come from the mystical city of Shangri-La as the food, drinks, and medicine apparently caused the man him to stop aging. Changku was intrigued that food such as that existed, the next morning the man was gone giving him a map to Shangri-La. Arriving at Mt. Kailash, a beam of light approaches Changku before spreading out into a path to follow. While going along the path, Changku and a pig find footprints that seem to come from the yeti. Finding the mythical creature, a hunting horn is blown with the yeti disappearing. A group of hunters come up to Changku, who asks them how it could so quickly and not leave footprints, the hunters explain they can do a similar technique. With the snowstorm getting more intense, the hunters allow Changku to stay at their village.

The village turns out to Shangri-La, yet people do seem to grow old. The village caretaker Al Hahn introduces himself to Changku explaining the customs of the village as well as the "unopened room" which contains treasure, saying the key to the room is meant to recognize the importance of what's inside. Changku gets a bad feeling from Hahn when the "unopened room" is involved. When Hahn explains that they'll be expecting Changku for dinner, the chef decides to see what they're cooking as part of his curiosity. At the kitchen, the ingredients do not seem out of the ordinary but Changku finds something suspicious about the chefs. Looking deeper for a secret ingredient, Changku finds the unopened room, using his flames to open the lock. Inside the room is a strange figure with a feminine but thick body, an elephant-like head, and snakes for ears resembling the Hindu Deity Ganesha.

Changku is knocked out and when he wakes up, he is tied to a board and presented to the strange being. The creature had telepathic abilities that projected its thoughts onto others. It knew that Changku was different and how it used an 'invitation' to lure him to the village. The creature holds up an infant, explaining that the secret medicinal ingredient were human infants boiled in a soup. The creature identifies herself as Shiva, the queen of heaven and earth offering Changku a chance to redeem himself. Changku frees himself and gets the baby boy out of Shiva's grasp and in his haste causes the giant soup wok to tip over and scald Sheba.

As Changku tries to escape the villagers shoot at him but he burns them with his powers. Finding his pig, Changku flees burning Shangri-La to the ground. The baby disappears before Changku crosses the bridge and Shiva confronts him boasting her psychic powers. Changku tries to fight and save the baby, but is thrown by Shiva's snakes. Trying to clear his thoughts so Shiva can't read his mind, he accidentally reveals the other cyborgs to her gaining Shiva's interest. Changku shoots out a stream of fire in the form of a dragon causing an avAlainche that attempts to fall on Shiva but before Changku can save the baby, she teleports away. Changku hides in the crevice to hide until moving out.

On the way back, Changku encounters the yeti asking if it's a threat but laments that the fact those were the same words said by Shiva. Seeing how the yeti was driven from its home, he falls to his knees in confusion. He asks the yeti on what to do but the Yeti had vanished into the snowstorm.

007: Phantom Theater[]

At a pub near London's Frank Players Theatre, Great Britain is in a great drunken stupor. He is brought to his senses by a younger man named Mike ,who he mentored more than ten years ago. GB recounts on his earlier life including his drinking problem, sleeping with different kinds of women, and finally falling into desperation until becoming a cyborg. Mike, on the other hand, had become a great actor who had gotten many lead roles. GB then overhears people talking about how everyone suddenly vanished during a dress rehearsal. The theater head Frank and the play producer Charlie discuss how it could have happened. Frank brings up a forbidden third floor, and the assistant director's notes containing a strange description, but it was insufficient evidence and the play is in need of substitutes. GB and Mike offer to be part of the play upon hearing this.

007 gets the part of Ophelia's father in the performance of " Hamlet", while Mike is in the leading role. With a strict schedule and only ten days to practice, GB is absorbed in the rehearsal and getting his acting bug back. However, the stage director Tony is witnessed doing strange things, such as shouting at an empty space.

Tony describes the unseen the actress that he believed he was shouting to, and GB recalls an incident that occurred fifty years ago at the new construction of the theater, where an actress with the leading role had her own dressing room. While the actress had a flawless first day, something unusual was happening to her as time went on. She became emotionally unstable and became frightened to the point of dementia. Because of this, the producer believed it was too dangerous to keep her on stage, so it was decided that her understudy would be substituting for her. The actress was shocked and confined herself to the dressing room, refusing to come out. The worried stage director eventually broke the door open, to find the actress dead and her spinal cord grotesquely twisted. The cause of death was unknown, and every actor who used the dressing room afterwards would die in the same manner, causing it to become the forbidden room. As a result, Frank Players Theatre was decreed haunted.

As GB is back at his house, he notices something move at a blinding speed. As the poltergeist surrounds GB, the room goes dark and the face of the actress appears right in front of him. GB then snaps out of the apparent trance.

On the fifth practice day, an actress describes being watched by the ghost actress. Suddenly, the lighting equipment begins to fall. Afterwards, GB notices that Mike is missing, before Charlie and Tony request that he listen to an eerie voice recorded on the radio. The voice is a cry for help, claiming that everyone will die. While thinking its a prank, Tony explains that he had taken the recording himself. When GB asks if the show should be canceled, Frank refuses for that to happen, thinking it would ruin business. GB goes to look for Mike, but encounters another ghost that sends him into shock. As the other actors help look for Mike near Charing Cross, a man's remains in the same position as the ghost actress' body crash outside.

Another man is soon found in the same position, but skewered by a flag pole. Shortly after, more bodies start to fall from the sky, all of them with twisted spines. GB wakes up to a shining light. He meets with Charlie, who explains the situation and informs him that the corpses were the people who disappeared from the theater the other day. A detective comes up about Mike's disappearance, before another detective reveals that some of the officers ended up in the same position when they approached the forbidden room. Mike's distorted corpse is discovered in front of the forbidden room, and the culprit seems to have fled through the window, with only the heel of a shoe found as evidence.

The amount of news coverage gives the theater a lot of attention, selling out all tickets. GB however, is stricken with grief over Mike's death and wants to catch the culprit. Frank gives GB the production notes that the assistant director had in his possession before his death. Reading through the notes, they describe a strange man who played Hamlet. GB researches at a library for more clues and reads the literature related to Hamlet, particularly about an actor who played Hamlet named Edward Mitchell . Mitchell had a scar on his cheek, matching the one that had been carved into the victims' faces. However, Mitchell's whereabouts are unknown.

Dozing off, GB encounters Mike's ghost who requests he gets rid of the man who murdered him and the other actors. Waking up startled, GB recalls how the plot of Hamlet had a ghost request the main character to kill to avenge his death. On the day of the performance, GB learns that Mitchell is dead. While losing faith, GB is confronted by the ghost who he saw last time, who happens to be the ghost of Mitchell. Racing to the stage, GB notices Frank acting strange and discovers that the the heel of his shoe is missing, much like the one that was found at the crime scene. Frank then viciously attacks the cast with a knife. Security tries to stop him, only to be thrown away. Frank then starts to glow bright, as the scar on his cheek opens up, causing the audience members' bodies to become twisted like the victims. Frank's body then disintegrates. r

Mitchell's ghost then reveals that he knew GB was 007, luring him to the theater to test his abilities. While GB readies to fight, he suddenly finds his soul being astral-projected from his body. Mitchell then assumes 007's form, while attempting to devour him. GB wakes up in a shock, and finds himself back in the pub and next to Mike. Dismissing the previous events as a dream, GB is ready to leave, but notices Frank and Charlie in the same spot and the same conversation as last time. However, Frank's eyes are lit up and he's grinning evilly.

008: The Deep Sea Pyramid[]

Pyunma, working for NASA on the recommendation by his close friend Moussambani Bowman, is on a top-secret mission to retrieve data for signs of life in outer space. This information is sent from a satellite, while Bowman takes off for Mars to retrieve a missing rover. Pyunma reveals that he had gotten a call some months later by his girlfriend Cecilia Molina's mother Jenny, who explained that the plane she was on went missing. No debris or equipment were found in the ocean, but Pyunma and Cecilia's mother haven't given up on finding anything left of the plane. Pyunma reveals the area he is searching is the Bermuda Triangle. Using the deep-sea exploration submarine "Deep Try", he attempts to find anything related to the satellite data or Cecilia's plane.

Descending into the depths of the ocean, Pyunma recounts his life as 008, where his scaled skin and abilities given to him by Black Ghost made him unmatched in combat. After the battles were over though, he was left with a bitter mental complex where he felt the scales of his body were worse than the discrimination from his skin color alone. Refusing to go outside gave him a sense of victim mentality and he became more miserable by the day. He explains that one day he met Cecilia, who started to make him feel whole again. After a while from hiding his secrets, he told Cecilia everything and she accepted him.

Coming back to reality, Pyunma and the crew he is with explain why manned exploration was needed to finish the mission as probes were somehow destroyed. The crew find a large assortment of pyramids. The pyramids then light up, as the story flashes back to Bowman's crew exhibiting strange behavior in space. Some time later, Pyunma wakes up to find the submarine missing, and he swims to the surface. Finding a research ship, Pyunma boards it but no one else is on board. Finding the sonar detection and the Deep Try is still at the same position, Pyunma tries to contact the crew but no one answers.

Pyunma decides to go back to the location, but is intercepted by a giant squid and a sperm whale, yet they don't attack each other. The squid ensnares him and throws him about, while the whale rams him. Pyunma believes they are being manipulated, while a huge frenzy of sharks attack, forcing him to dive at full speed. Pyunma is in the dark part of the ocean, as time shifts back to Bowman's crew dead for some reason with communications cut.

Pyunma finds the submarine empty, so he goes to investigate one of the deep sea pyramids. It opens up and a light shines from it, engulfing him. Pyunma wakes up, seeing an environment similar to Central/South American civilizations. He witnesses people covered in a strange light building something with primitive means for armored people armed with harpoon-like weapons, giving Pyunma the impression that it is some sort of alien world. As a UFO drops more people, one of the captured men grows wings from his back to flee. Unfortunately, the guards have psychic powers and kill the escapee. Another man tries to fight, but he is also killed. A group of men use some sort of psychic powers to move the block to crush the guards, but it is no match for one of the guard's own powers. The rest of the prisoners are then killed by the ships and guards.

Pyunma then watches as the beings of light attempt to escape from their captors time and again, including diving into the sea and encasing themselves in spheres of gas to drift through the sea. They then somehow caused cubes to fall down from the sky into the sea and form many pyramids for them to hide in.

As the plot shifts back to Bowman's story, the satellite is late for its arrival to Mars and the probability of coming back to Earth has ceased to be. But even then, he decided to go to the Mars Lander and find the identity of the signal sent to Earth on Mars. Meanwhile, Pyunma witnesses a vision of a planet with a dull brown color with a sky similar to Earth's. Rocks and stones have begun to levitate and form into pyramids, similar to the ones found in the earlier vision. Pyunma realized that the beings sent the signal, and that the planet he is seeing is Mars.

Pyunma then snaps out of the visions to find spheres similar to the ones holding the "people of light", but containing the missing crew and Cecilia. Pyunma tries to wake up Cecilia, but the pyramids begin to shake from the combined psychic powers of the sleeping people. They rise out of the sea, while he becomes trapped in a transparent pyramid that ascends into the sky and into outer space.

Bowman sees a human-like face on the surface of Mars, made up of rocks, before he lands on the surface and feels that he was being lured there. Pyunma is still moving through space at warp speeds in the pyramid, and theorizes that the people of light tried to gather allies so that they could gather enough power to make the pyramids fly through space. Pyunma however, was rejected since he was a cyborg, but dragged along in the aftermath as an asset. He further theorizes that the people of light have been always fleeing from the invaders that enslaved them, and are now moving to Mars.

Bowman finds where the signal was coming from, which wind up being a series of pyramids on the surface of Mars.. While bringing up a camera, he decides to give up on finding any way back, before he sees the moving pyramids from above. The falling pyramids open fire on the pyramids on Mars. Everything on Mars is destroyed by the onslaught, including Bowman. Pyunma realizes that the pyramids must be programmed to attack life forms that invade a planet, as an act of vengeance against the invaders that enslaved them. He then feels a sensation that God is watching, and realizes that this encounter isn't yet over.

009: The Conspiracy of the Goddess[]

Near the Ryukyu Islands, Joe Shimamura is working with the archaeologist Tobe Kagariya, a professor from Rajomon University. Kagariya is well-known in the archaeology world, as well as happening to be an old friend of Dr. Gilmore. Kagariya's daughter Hisui is also introduced, and Joe has grown close with her. He come with the crew to research the supposedly man-made monoliths at the south side of Yonaguni Island, and the reason for the expedition has to do with a theory of a pre-Jomon period civilization. Joe's coworker Shiori Takagaki is a little nervous, but Hisui has their attention kept with the explosive tools called Bean Mite. The professor tells Joe to be careful with handling the artifacts, but Joe is not worried. Joe dives with Hisui and Shiori, until they find a seafloor cave and find a strange rock. The Bean Mite manages to get the rock free, revealing it to be a large Moai statue. Hisui explains that they cannot bring it to the surface now due to environmental concerns, but could have the pictures developed at the university. However, Hisui is acting strange about something.

At a fortune telling house, Hisui speaks with her uncle Darui Gentetsu , as he summons businessmen to discuss something about the Moai. Hisui however quickly changes the subject, as she offers to read the men's fortunes with a crystal ball. She then accurately sees that one of the men met with a yakuza boss for one million yen as part of 'public utilities'. Darui is astonished by this, but the man agrees to fund Hisui's needs, to her delight.

On Easter Island, Joe goes to investigate the Moai, by order of Kagariya. Joe brings up the theory of how a god appeared as a bird man walking upon the land, and was said to even had a part in moving the statues. Suddenly a bird man attacks Joe, and he cannot avoid it with his acceleration mode. He floats upward along with the statues, before the bird man throws Joe to the ground. However, soon snaps awake and finds that the statues remain still, implying the event was an illusion. After a week, Joe continues to have nightmares on the island and cannot sleep. A naked apparition of Hisui appears at his window, and begins to seduce and kiss the traumatized Joe, until he calms down and starts to sleep with her.

Three days later, Hisui appears on television under the name Himiko , after acquiring a sponsoring company. Himiko's fortune-telling stunsaudiences by telling fortunes with one-hundred percent accuracy. However, her predictions reveal the truth of all those who have their fortunes read, driving people into a panic. This however, gives her a lot of publicity and after five days, Himiko rises to fame in the nation. A week later, she appears before the Japanese Parliament as a representative of the "Women of Truth Assembly". She gets the Prime Minister to reveal his inner feelings towards the citizens of Japan, with him seeing them as a collection of fools while politicians can do whatever they please. Himiko's fortunes uncover the self-serving ulterior motives of company presidents, university professors, and fraudulent millionaires causing many people to confess, resign, get fired, make promises, or commit frequent suicides. Murders under the guise of justice become rampant, and the perpetrators commit suicide. Riots also occur, along with burning towns. Because of this, everyone turns to Himiko as their hope and begins to worship her as a god.

Back on Easter Island, an emaciated and unshaven Joe wanders to the edge of the cliff in a daze and exhaustion. While on the cliff, he recalls his past as 009 and his life before, ready to commit suicide to atone for his sins. On the main island of Okinawa, Kagariya stares outside while hearing about the events. He witnesses how his daughter has garnered so much attention, but turns off the TV, displeased by how much she had changed. Shiori then presents the professor with a sample of moss that was stuck behind the ear of the Moai statue, and notes that it matches the moss found on the statues on Easter Island. Shiori explains that it wouldn't make sense, as the Moai was underwater for so long. She is afraid to present it to Hisui, while noting that Moai was unlikely to have been just carried off to Yonaguni Island. She also realizes that Joe is nowhere to be seen.

Shiori is about to ask for the address to Hisui's office, but Hisui suddenly arrives, and appears glad that the Moai arrived safely. Shiori questions Hisui about her theory's authenticity, accusing her of purposely putting the Moai on the island. Shiori insists that Hisui couldn't keep the truth a secret from the press, but Hisui sees this as a threat and telekinetically gouges Shiori's eyes out, before making her head explode. Proclaiming herself as Himiko, she telekinetically attacks her father, knocking him down.

Back at the cliff, before Joe sees an illusion of Hisui that proclaims her love for him, claiming that she wants to return to herself. She also reveals that he isn't in Japan. Joe is ready to fall of the cliff, under the illusion that he will be leaving to go there. But another illusion appears behind him, this one being of Francoise. Joe brushes off Francoise, introducing her to Hisui as "an old friend", while the illusionary Hisui asks if Joe really wants to go back to his older life. Joe refuses the idea of returning to his life as 009 and is about to jump off the cliff, while Francoise pleas for him to "Wake Up!". Joe is then broken out of his trance by Ivan, who telekinetically breaks his fall and leaves him levitating above the ocean.

After recovering, Joe returns to Okinawa. Having not been able to get in contact with Hisui, he decides to meet her at their usual meeting place at Rajomon University. He encounters Hisui, discovering that she now goes by Himiko. Joe confronts Himiko on why she tricked everyone and used a dummy lead on Easter Island to keep him away. Himiko claims it was for his sake, as she did not want to kill him although she knew he was a threat due to the strong power he had as a cyborg. To make sure he would not interfere with her scheme, she kept him away as his disturbed heart would have hindered her plan. However, Joe calls Himiko out on trying to kill him, while asking how many other people she had killed in Japan. Himiko insists that the weight of their sins on caused them to commit suicide, and uses Joe as an example. She then reveals that she did in fact kill one person herself: Shiori Takagaki. She justifies the murder, as Shiori would have interfered in her extermination of evil.

Himiko then suddenly seems to shift back to Hisui, apologizing for what had happened although it's too late. In the meantime, Professor Kagariya tries to smash the nearby Moai with a sledge hammer. The professor states that the reason Himiko possessed Hisui was because of that very statue. However, Himiko resurfaces and telekinetically pushes the professor away from the Moai, while killing or subduing the rest of the crew with her powers. As Hisui/Himiko's powers briefly lose stability, Joe breaks free and manages to catch the falling professor (though he's discovered to have died from a heart attack). With Hisui no longer holding Himko back, she unleashes her powers on Joe, causing his body to apparently explode.

Himiko believes she has killed Joe, but he soon reforms, appearing as a nude being of light and blocking her telekinetic powers. Himiko becomes angered that Joe hadn't died, but Joe knocks her into to the Moai statue, causing her to be absorbed inside it. The statue then disappears into the wind. Back at Dr. Gilmore's mansion, Ivan has stopped crying, and it appears that he was responsible for saving Joe from Himiko. A strong wind passes above the statues which foreshadows the things to come.

Epilogue to "Conspiracy of the Goddess"[]

January 1998: Ishinomori's health begins to worsen, and his right hand can no longer work like it used to. Ishinomori had made some preparations, with letters being scheduled to be sent to his friends a week after his death, but is still afraid that he cannot complete the story as he had promised.

Dr. Gilmore then appears to him once more, exhausted and wounded. He asks if Ishinomori has thought of the conclusion. Gilmore is in a panic, as humanity could be in ruins. While Ishinomori answers that he has some ideas, he believes that he needs more time and at least a month. However, Dr. Gilmore grows more impatient and insists that the ending must be thought of now, but soon vanishes. Ishinomori ponders on the moral behind the final chapter, but with renewed confidence and everything fans of Cyborg 009 are hoping for, he gets to work writing notes.

The Final Chapter: The Convocation of the Warriors[]

In February 2012, the 00 team is reunited at the Narita airport, with 009 and 003 embracing. They convene at Dr. Gilmore's cliffside mansion, as Gilmore debriefs them on the events that have gone on. 001 has been in a deep sleep for nearly a year, but had briefly awoken to impart some information. He reports that 001 had predicted the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, and had shown him brief visions of a disaster that would occur in this very month and year. He then makes note of the sightings of UFOs and angels that have appeared in the world, which 003 and 008 recognize.

006 realizes that all of them have met with some sort of God, while 009 wonders if their enemy would truly be "God" if they were intent on terrorizing humans. 002 points out the story of Noah's Ark as evidence that God has an "extremely selfish and egotistical attitude", while 004 is intent on fighting the threat. Gilmore then informs the team of how 001 had briefly been able to send him back into time, and how he had met with a manga-ka named Shotaro Ishinomori in order to gain hints of how to fight back against the Gods. 007 asks what become of Ishinomori, only to learn that he had passed away. Gilmore points out that Ishinomori had once attempted two previous stories involving battles with gods, but had been unable to complete either of them.

003 starts to panic over their possible deaths, and is reluctant to return to fighting as that she never wanted to return to that kind of life. However, the team must stake out Tokyo to investigate the paranormal occurances, and keep watch for disaster. 004 is assigned to watch over the Imperial Palace area, 005 patrols Hibiya, 009 patrols Ginza, 008 and 002 watch Odaiba, and 006, 007, and 003 have responsibility over Shinjuku. Suddenly, 003 starts to scream, detecting an earthquake. As the 00 team works to save civilians from the ensuing disaster, 002 and 008 rescue drowning drivers that were thrown off the Rainbow Bridge. But 008 soon notices the tide going in, and a 30-meter tsunami forms, headed for Tokyo.

The Final Chapter: The Supermassive Tokyo Disaster[]

The tsunami floods and destroys the city, with the 00 team managing to save some civilians, but others winding up drowned in the process.

003 then senses a dark force approaching, as a black hole opens up and begins to suck objects into its path. The sky is then filled with flying oni, fast approaching the city. Meanwhile, 002 and 008 discover a bunch of demonic crocodiles in the ocean, and witness them advancing towards the Tokyo skyscrapers. Suddenly, 002 is snagged by one of the crocodiles from below, and is forcibly dragged and smashed into the walls of one of the buildings. The crocodile proceeds to violently chomp down, bisecting 002 and causing the upper half of his body to go flying off, to 008's horror.

The Final Chapter: The Evil Demons of the Sky and Sea[]

003, 006, and 007 attempt to hide out in a skyscraper with civilians, as Tokyo becomes overrun with both the oni and the demonic crocodiles. 004 faces off against an oni, only to be charged at by the pack.

009 attempts to kill one of the crocodiles with his super gun, but finds it to invulnerable. Around the same time, 008 carries the mutilated 002 through the flood, but finds himself pursued by the crocodiles.

Back in the skyscraper, 003, 006, and 007 are ambushed by more crocodiles, which try to strangle 006. 007 manages to rescue him, and fly his teammates and the civilians out of the skyscraper (in form of a giant bird). However, he's abruptly taken down by a pack of oni.

009 continues to fight the crocodile, but finds that it is able to match his acceleration mode and catch up to him. 008 continues to try to find a path back to Dr. Gilmore's through the ocean, but is pulled underwater by another crocodile.

Meanwhile, the pack of oni that attacked 007 have ambushed him, 006, and 003. At the same time, 004 has both his arms ripped off by oni, and his right leg bitten off. 005 has his skin shredded, exposing the cybernetics underneath.

009 attempts to outrun a pack of crocodiles, but finds his clothes burning off. His nude body is thus left vulnerable for the oncoming oni, who tackle him and start to mutilate him, with a pool of blood growing underneath.

The Final Chapter: The Defeat of the Cyborg Soldiers[]

005 and 004 continue to be mutilated by the oni and bleed profusely, while another oni gouges 003's eyes out.

In the ocean, 008 has been snagged by a crocodile, which bites into his legs. He bleeds out into the water and wonders if it's the end for him, while 002 continues to lose blood. As he becomes distressed, a blast of water suddenly propels him and 002 to safety, and they float in the air. Elswhere in Shinjuku, a wildfire suddenly spreads and wipes out the demons, while 006, 003, and 007 are propelled into the air. While 006 and 007 are stated to have only been bloody from their wounds, the narration remarks that 003's eyes had been torn out and that her right arm had been ripped right from the shoulder.

005 and 004 are then lifted into the air, with 004 missing both arms, his right leg, and left foot while 005 displays damage to his skin. A beam of light disperses the oni that are attacking 009. In the wake of their departure, 009's body is revealed to be missing its left arm, which was ripped from the shoulder in a fashion similar to 003's mutilation. His body is teleported away.

The narration states that three days passed, with the USA and Japanese armed forces unable to fight against the growing number of oni and crocodiles attacking the country.

Back at Dr. Gilmore's mansion, 001 witnesses spaceships in the sky while Gilmore works on repairing the other cyborgs. It is revealed that 001 was responsible for teleporting the others away from the bloodbath. Gilmore states that the team need reinforcements to defeat the enemy, but 001 insists that it would be useless, as their existing powers have only made them struggle.

A week later, 009 sits on the edge of the cliff, looking at his new robotic, bullet-firing arm. He is approached by 004, who demonstrates that he now has two bullet-firing hands. 002 meets up with them, revealing that his new legs enable him to fly at a faster speed. While 002 is happy for his upgrade, he notices that 009 is silent. 009 wonders if the team would be able to win against the enemy, while 005 displays his stitched-up skin and compares it to "Frankenstein".

The cyborgs are alerted to 003's screaming. It's revealed that Gilmore had to give her new, obviously robotic eyes, as well as a bullet-firing arm similar to the ones that 009 and 004 have. She cries in despair over not being able to blend into public with her alterations, and breaks down. However, 001 informs the other eight that they'll have to continue fighting against the enemy. While 003 is reluctant to fight, 001 insists that all nine of them must fight as one, and that it would be better for them to die in battle. 001 then reveals that he'll be unable to keep using his own powers for much longer, as they take a toll on his body and he'll die once he exhausts all his power. He then reveals that he used his energy to help 009 awaken his powers during his fight with Hisui.

001 orders the team to hold hands in a circle, and their upgraded powers become unlocked. The team take on new, royal blue uniforms with red scarves.

The Final Chapter: The Shinjuku Stronghold[]

Some time later, Tokyo continues to be demolished by the demons, while Dr. Gilmore and the team have taken up refuge in a ship out in the ocean. The 00 cyborgs test out their new abilities against the demons, with 007 demonstrating the power to astrally project and possess one of them. 006 has gained the ability to control the shape and direction of his flames at will, 004's bullets and missiles can now track their targets, and 002 can fly at a faster speed than before. The cyborgs depart to go take on the rest of their enemies.

Elsewhere, 003 remains in despair over her condition, as she and 009 stand in an abandoned apartment. 009 assures 003 that he still loves her, even with her robotic eyes. 003 then witnesses a spaceship in the sky, and receives a telepathic message from Alain and his alien mother, who warn her that the invaders had come to Earth and that they are unable to help. 009 and 003 wonder about the existence of these "angels", and their intent. 009 and 003 are then abruptly ambushed by a pack of oni, after 003 senses that she'd be abducted by them. Sure enough, the oni teleport away with 003. 009 uses his upgraded acceleration ability in an attempt to find her.

Around the same time, 005 and 008 discover the stronghold where the demons have been hiding, and are joined by 004, 002, 006, and 007. 005 is revealed to be able to blow away his enemies with his own spiritual energy, while 008 can alter the water and air pressure of targets' bodies at will, causing them to explode. 007 then explains how his possession power works, and reminds the others to not kill any enemy if they see a navel like his. The team members make the decision to enter the stronghold.

The Final Chapter: The Stronghold's Destruction[]

007, 005, 002, 004, and 006 make work of destroying the creatures, including the mutant alligators and their nest. 009 continues to run in search of 003, but stops in his tracks at the site of a Moai statue rising from the ground, with 003 being suspended from a tentacle. 009 then faints, finding that his energy has been exhausted. He is found by 007, who manages to rouse him. 009 rises up and attempts to shoot his Super Gun at the Moai, but finds an energy field blocking it.

At realizing the Moai was attempting to keep him unconscious, 009 demands to know their identity. The Moai is revealed to have glowing, moving eyes, that send the cyborgs flying with a blast, while the remaining oni and crocodile demons suddenly vanish. The statue entirely bursts from the ground, revealing itself to have arms and large breasts, along with being surrounded by several writhing tentacles.

002 attempts to rescue 003, but is snared by another tentacle and thrown face-first to the ground, before being thrashed about and thrown further by the Moai. 006 tries to burn the Moai with his flame abilities, but finds them redirected back at him, while 004 experiences the same effect with his missiles. 005 tries to use his ability against the Moai next, but is injured by her heavy fists.

After 007 attempts to fight the Moai, he realizes that her energy shield only deflects any type of attack that they try to use, and is choked and thrown by another of her tentacles, which subsequently lash out at 008.

009 is left standing, and rises up to face the Moai, who taunts him and tells him that he cannot match the Gods' power. The Moai agrees to release 003, but then becomes angered at 009 for his love of her, and reveals herself to be Himiko, having merged with the statue. Himiko blames 009 for the fight, stating that it was his fault for having battled her, and aims to take revenge on him for him having spurned her and fallen in love with 003.

009 asks Himiko if she knew of the other "Gods" the team encountered, but she is unaware of them, as Japan is her only domain. Himiko explains that those who defy the Gods must be exterminated for their evil. 009, still believing that there's a chance of reaching Hisui, points out that all humans have some form of darkness, and it's precisely what makes them human. Using the chance at distracting her, 009 sees her shield drop, and blasts out one of her eyes with the Super Gun. Himiko screams and attempts to use the power from her remaining eye to attack 009, but he is surrounded in his own energy shield and manages to take out her other eye.

Himiko grabs 009 in one of her fists, while he continues to attempt to appeal to Hisui. At his declaration of "I loved you", Hisui's voice emerges from the Moai, apologizing to 009 and pleading with him to help her, only for Himiko's voice to scream over her to "get out". The two personalities clash, as Hisui uses her control to release 009 from the Moai's grasp. She orders the cyborgs to run away, as the Moai entity's body can be seen quaking under its instability. Himiko angrily yells at the cyborgs to not run from her, but the Moai begins to self-destruct as Himiko and Hisui continue their fight for control, with Hisui begging Himiko to release her.

The Moai entity erupts and is blown apart in a massive explosion, as the cyborg team takes cover and a giant mushroom cloud can be seen over Japan.

The Final Chapter: The Gods' Trap[]

Six months after the disaster, the cyborgs have attempted to move on and return home, but their presence has become known to the public, as Dr. Gilmore narrates about people recording footage of the battles in Tokyo and uploading them to video-sharing sites like YouTube.

In Okinawa, 009 reflects on God, as well as the existence of human beings and souls, but figures that there is no point in fighting anymore. Around the same time in New York, a drunken 002 is approached by a gang, but they soon realize that he is one of the cyborgs that they've seen in the YouTube videos. 002 angrily grabs one gang member and declares himself to be "God", flying up into the sky with him and threatening to drop him. The gang freak out at this, while 002 thinks of how things have gone wrong, and then suddenly spots "The God of Gods".

In France, 003 is attempting to be incognitio, as she is now recognized as a cyborg who defeated demons. She monologues of her plan to cut out her robot eyes and to remove her gun arm. At Germany's Romantic Road, 004 reflects on the death of Iere and wonders what lies within the portal to the Spirit World. He is suddenly cut off by another truck, and in a rage, shoots outs its tires, killing its occupants.

In the Amazon rainforest, 005 is witnessed angrily ripping a chimpanzee in half and destroying trees, to the horror of a friend. Meanwhile, 006 reflects on how the YouTube footage has made him more famous than ever, but that he has also been driven by greed to commit criminal acts, with him repeatedly burning down a town and robbing a safe. He is now considered a wanted criminal.

A distraught 007 mourns Mike and his other theatre associates, whose deaths he was unable to prevent in the end. Due to the YouTube fame, he is in high demand as an actor, but has become a terrified recluse and starts to melt.

At the Grand Canyon, 008 reflects on his experience on Mars and the death of Bowman. He reveals that after that event, he found himself back in the ocean, with the others who'd been captured in pyramids. He was able to reunite with Cecilia, but due to Gilmore's call, had to go to Japan and wound up fighting the demons. After he returned home, Cecilia had suddenly lost her memories of him, and the media attention he received over the Tokyo battle made her distance herself further. However, he then wonders if some higher power has ensnared him into a trap.

Dr. Gilmore narrates on the rise of people who have had their "souls destroyed", where they have fallen into despair and committed suicide, or have become brutal and violent. He then wonders if 001 is responsible for this, and if he has been corrupted by the Gods in his sleep.

Back in New York, the "God of Gods" vanishes and a cop appears in his place instead, with 002 figuring the apparition must have just been a drunken delusion. At having his shoulder touched by the cop, 002 violently punches him and then grabs the gun, pointing at the cop's head and firing.

The Final Chapter: The Awakening[]

In the town Carcassonne, 003 goes forward with her mutilation plan, taking a knife to her robot eyes and carving out each of them, in spite of the pain and electric shocks they give when removed. She frantically stomps on the bloodied eyeballs, as more blood streams from her empty sockets. In her grief, she takes her gun hand and realizes that she can finally put it to use, pointing it at her head.

At the same time at the fairy village, 004 fires his gun hands in a rage at not being able to find the Spirit World portal, and winds up killing a deer. He then fires his knee missiles at two birds, blowing them up, and is approached by an old man, who he aims his gun hands at with the intent to shoot.

Back in the Amazon rainforest, 005's friend attempts to get him to stop his rampage, to no avail, as 005 uses a tree to smash at and sink his boat.

Meanwhile, 006 has escaped to Tibet, having become a wanted criminal back in China. He and his black pig traverse a mountain, only for him to order the pig to stop. He offers his pig rice balls, while preparing a noose for himself from a branch. He spots the yeti he had met from his last adventure, while informing it that he plans to "leave". He steps off his pig, with the intent of letting the noose tighten.

Around the same time, 007 has finished pouring gasoline all over his apartment, and lights a match. Subsequently, at the Grand Canyon, 008 muses on whether a fall from the cliff will kill him, as it is 300 meters above sea level. He takes the plunge, as does 009, who lets himself fall from a seaside cliff in Okinawa.

009's body suddenly comes to a halt, as he enters a black void where he sees the other eight cyborgs. 001, surrounded by light, informs them that the Gods are attempting to control the minds and hearts of humanity, and that the eight adult team members were all caught in the trap. 001 states that the Gods struck out at humanity's weaknesses and have manipulated them for their own benefit, and that the apocalypse is approaching. He tells the other eight that they need to awaken their abilities more, and to join their hands. As he has run out of bio-energy to give them without killing himself, they must realize their own potential in their souls as "Super Soldiers". He informs them that their abilities have already evolved to the point of psychokinesis, much like his, and orders them to "go".

003 awakens in a hospital with her empty eye sockets bandaged up, and being able to sense a nurse in her mind. She wonders if the vision of Ivan was just a dream, but realizes that she no longer needs eyes and can see her surroundings within her own mind, including things far beyond the hospital, including Japan.

009 wakes up back on top of the cliff he'd planned to plunge from and wonders about his dream, but is soon teleported back to Dr. Gilmore's ship, with a confused Dr. Gilmore asking him about his trip to Okinawa. 009 realizes that he's awakened a new ability.

In New York, 002 wakes up in a jail cell over his act of shooting the cop, but remembers that the bullet stopped before it could hit the man. The narrator states that as 002 was recognized as a hero, he was treated generously and soon released on the same day. He decides to go to the Grand Canyon, and teleports there mid-flight. He comes across an unconscious 008 by a riverbed, who rouses. The two discuss the vision they had, and 002 asks 008 on how far his powers had evolved. 008 finds that he is able to manipulate the water of the river freely, and becomes amazed.

Elsewhere, 007 begins to cheer up by realizing that his new power is possession and alteration of others' cellular structure, and starts to control an entire city, turning each and every person into a copy of himself.

Back in a cave in Tibet, 006 finds himself rescued by the yeti, who telepathically communicates to him. The yeti informs 006 that he himself is not of Earth, or the same universe, but that his ancestors and the people of Earth wound up becoming involved with each other in the past, and so he and other creatures live inconspicuous lives. The yeti feels a kinship with 006, as both are in conflict with their humanity. 006 summons free-floating flames to ignite the pile of wood they're attempting to burn, with the yeti realizing that normal human beings don't have such abilities.

In the German village, 004 is interrogated by Iere's grandfather and the other villagers, who inform him that one of their people found him after he was unconscious. He learns that unless he had been with someone of the village (such as his first trip with Iere), it cannot normally be found or seen by humans. 004 tells the mayor of how he fought Gods in Japan, and of the black hole that resembled the entrance to the Spirit World. He figures there's a connection between them and Crom Cruach. He asks the mayor about the Spirit World, but the mayor states that even he doesn't know, but that a story was passed down from their ancestors, and they may not even be of Earth.

Suddenly, Crom Cruach returns, with the mayor stating that the demon appears often these days. With remembering the death of Iere, 004 is determined for a rematch against the creature. 004 fires his gun hands, but is unable to see the bullets or line of fire. As he prepares a knee missile, Crom Cruach suddenly rises up, hit by gunfire, and 004 realizes that he has become able to teleport his bullets to a target.

005 wakes up in the Amazon river, with the spirits of the Earth urging him to get up and chiding him for having ignored them. They tell him that his power has increased, and that he'll be able to attack in harmony with them. Suddenly, he hears a message from Mickey, telling him to go to Monument Valley.

The Final Chapter: The Mills of Gods[]

005 arrives at Monument Valley, to discover that 002 and 008 are already there, investigating the reports of flying saucers. The three then see a glowing angel appear in the sky, which 008 recognizes as one of the "people of light" he saw in his visions. The angel becomes hostile, throwing a spear at the three, and latches on to 008's leg with fangs. 008 attempts to use his pressure-bursting power, but the angel disables the power and drags him off into a black warphole in the ground.

In Augsburg, 004 states his intent to avenge Iere, as he fights the blinded Caturix/Crom Cruach. 004 is singed by a blast of electricity, disabling all his powers in the process. As Crom Cruach attempts to eat him, 004 finds himself saved by 007 (in the form of a giant bird) and 003. 004 finds his abilities restored after 007 drops Crom Cruach, and blows the creature up. He passes out, murmuring to Iere that he's avenged her and defeated the beast.

Back in Monument Valley, 005 is overcome by the spirits of the Earth listing off the names of the different Gods that are approaching, which include many indigenous deities. The spirits warn him to escape, but 005 and 002 see the ground instantly erupt into fissures, which release a horde of Gods.

In Tibet, 006 thanks the yeti for his assistance, but a black warphole opens up in the snow, releasing demonic birds and a dakini, a witch that feasts on human flesh. 006 finishes the birds off with his flames, but finds himself being chewed on by the dakini, and that she has stopped his powers. The yeti manages to pull him away, while 009 appears, using his Super Gun to blast the dakini to ash. 009 informs 006 of their power awakening and current situation, as well as 004's critical condition. Upon seeing another black warphole, 009 attempts to teleport inside, but finds several strange figures in a black void, who tell him to leave. He teleports out, after experiencing shortness of breath, and emerges, sweating and terrified.

Around the same time in Berlin, 004 is confined to a bed in a hotel as 003 prays at his side. He tells of Ragnarok, and of how the gods tended to be destroyed in the legend. 003 senses more Gods coming, and 004 tells 007 to open their curtains. A giant Odin stands outside their window, staring in.

005 and 002 watch the Gods in Monument Valley head off towards a city. While 005 believes they have no chance of winning on their own, 002 immediately teleports off to fight the Gods, flying through each of them and and blowing each up. 005 takes on another horde with his strength. Suddenly, the two are blasted and sucked up by a tidal wave, and thrown back into the ground. The two rise up, to see 008 standing atop a wave, smirking and claiming that he is the "chosen one" and a God. The two can only deduce that he must have been brainwashed by the Gods.

The Final Chapter: Gathering of the Gods[]

004, 007, and 003 fight against Odin, with 007 in the form of a giant bird and attempting to fly the other two to safety. 004 and 003 are menaced by angels with fangs, who attempt to sink their teeth into them, but 009 and 006 intervene. 009 manages to teleport the group out in time, to save them from being crushed by another giant God.

In Monument Valley, 005 and 002 try to reason with 008, who claims that as a God, he will exterminate all sinners and be responsible for the creation of a new world. At hearing that he plans to travel to the "promised land" after the wipe-out of the Americas, 002 figures that the Gods must be controlling 008. 008 orders the army of Gods to slaughter the two, but a shield and sea of fire protect them, signaling the arrival of 006 and the others.

009 manages to wrest control of 008 and the two travel through the sea, with 009 finding oxygen at the other end of a barrier and forcing 008 through it. The two happen upon a strange set of ruins with spirits floating about, and 009 muses it must be where the Gods are coming from.

Upon fully emerging, 009 finds himself in a vast desert with the ruins of Incan architecture and wonders if it's the lost land of Mu. 008 has vanished in the meantime, having broken away from 009's grasp, but 009 finds Dr. Gilmore's ship abandoned in the desert. He finds only a crying 001 inside the ship, and wonders what happened to the doctor.

After contacting 003 through telepathy, the rest of the team are brought to Mu and take the ship back to the sea. 003 and 001 are left behind on the ship, while 002, 004, 005, 006, 007, and 009 make their way through the desert. It is revealed that 003 had made contact with 008 to draw him to the same spot, where he brings the army of Gods to battle.

008 wants the team to surrender, but 002 insists it's time for him to "wake up" and the fight starts off. 007 uses his possession ability on a group of dragons, causing them to become confused while mimicking him. 004 slices some Gods in half, while 002 does the same with a kick, getting comparison to "Kamen Rider" from 006.

009 gets briefly caught in a trap against another God, only to use his acceleration mode and teleportation to break out of it. The team are suddenly besieged by lasers as the area around them goes dark, and 003 telepathically orders them where to attack, taking out some of the threats.

As light comes back into Mu, 007 is confronted by the apparent figure of Mike, while 006 meets back up against Shiva for a rematch and 005 is left to face Kulkulcan, who mimics the voice and mannerisms of Mickey to catch him off-guard. The spirits of the Earth chide 005 for not paying attention and bail him out of the situation, but remind him that it's only a "one-time favor".

007 is confounded by Mike's re-appearance, but he reveals himself to be a demonic angel creature mimicking the looks of the man, though 007 is vulnerable and cannot fight him. "Mike" is cut in half by 002's accelerated flight, and 002 reminds an angered 007 that the Gods aren't human.

003's panicked voice is suddenly heard, as she telepathically informs them that 006 is in trouble. As this is going on, Shiva has ensnared 006 and is making him forcibly ingest parasitic snakes through his nose and mouth, and states that his organs will be devoured. Though 009 and 004 manage to free him, his body writhes and explodes from the amount of snakes he already swallowed, causing his entrails to scatter everywhere.

009 is left screaming in horror and sobbing at the pile of organs left behind, while the other men break down into tears, with 007 only able to drop to his knees and observe 009 mourning over the bloody scene.

The Final Chapter: The God of Gods[]

Regaining his composure, 009 angrily insists that they'll wipe out all of the Gods to avenge 006. But the team barely have time to regroup, as they're hit by a large blast, followed by another.

They find their bodies getting singed and it getting hard to move, while giant lizard demons arrive, revealing themselves to be the source of the blasts as 004 is ensnared by one. After another blast by the lizards, Odin appears.

The cyborgs attempt to fight him, but 004 finds that his missiles have no effect due to Odin diverting them with the power of his remaining eye. After throwing the cyborgs around, Odin steps on 004, crushing both his legs and crippling him below the waist. 004 is left barely able to focus and fight, but can teleport his bullets to a different location, finding that the Gods' hold has weakened. He opts to converse with 007, asking him if he could possess one of the flying Gods to carry him off somewhere and to then leave him after attracting as many as possible. 007 looks distraught and concerned, wondering about 004's intent, but is ordered to trust him.

007 uses his astral-projection power to possess one of the angels, and flies 004 away to a secluded location, with 004 acting as if he's been captured and screaming for the angel to "put him down". 008 witnesses this from afar, and orders the Gods to follow, as the Gods set out to track 004 and the "angel".

008 orders 002 to fly up into space with him, and the two leave the Earth's atmosphere, with several Gods following, 002 failing to listen to 009's plea to not take the bait. In the vacuum of space, 002 places his Super Gun to 008's head and states that he'd be prepared to kill him if the worst happened, but 008 uses his pressure-change ability to throw him back. 008 then reveals that he was only acting with his betrayal, and that his "role" has reached its limit. As he has managed to lure enough Gods out into space, he intends to sacrifice himself against them and thanks 002 for all that he's done.

He forcibly pushes 002 away with his pressure manipulation ability, and orders 003 "Now!" through his telepathic link. 009 teleports in to grab 002, and the Gods arrive through a portal. 009 tears up as he exchanges glances with 008, who nods knowingly, and understands what must be done.

002 and 009 have teleported out of the horde, with 002 trying to order 009 to go back to save 008. 009 continues to tear up as he insists that 008 must do all he can. 008 faces off against the horde in space, but is swarmed by them. In his last effort, he uses his pressure manipulation ability to self-destruct and create a warp hole, causing a massive explosion, to the horror of 002.

At the same time, 004 and 007 continue their flight to the "safe place" and share some final words as 004 reveals that he plans to use the ultimate weapon in his body to take out the Gods. 007 pleads for 004 to reconsider, wanting to take him back home when it's all over, but 004 insists on this being his final moment in the spotlight and reveals he was happy to have met the rest of the team. With a "Danke Schon", he bids 007 farewell and 007 tearfully releases his hold on the angel, returning to his own body out in the distance. As the Gods pile onto 004, he detonates his atomic bomb, causing a mushroom cloud to erupt.

009, 002, 005, and 007 witness the sacrifice from the distance, tearing up and screaming "HEINRICH!" (while 009 mentions both "Heinrich" and "Pyunma" in his tears). The four wonder if they were finally able to destroy the Gods, but 003's voice warns them that more are coming.

Giant versions of Jesus and Buddha soon approach them, with 009 warning the others to not be misled by their appearances. Buddha reveals Dr. Gilmore to be in his left palm, startling the team. Dr. Gilmore reveals that he's opted to side with the Gods, and for the 00 cyborgs to give up. 009 refuses, for Dr. Gilmore to walk off, and for 009 to angrily shoot at Buddha.

The stakes rise higher to win as both Gods brutally maim the team, with 005 losing his right leg to Jesus, 007 losing his left arm via Buddha's finger lasers, and 002 having his lower half disintegrated to nothing by Jesus. In his attempt at intervention, 009 is kicked away by Buddha. At the loss of his arm, 007 finds himself disoriented and unable to transform. 002 punches Buddha's foot, to no avail, and his right arm is stomped on and mangled.

005 attempts to get a hold on Jesus, but is karate-chopped and finds it hard to focus. Buddha readies his foot to stomp on 009, but Dr. Gilmore suddenly appears to order the Gods to stop. The Gods don't take that well, with Buddha opting to stomp on Gilmore instead. The remaining four team members are horrified, and 009 rises up to fire his Super Gun at Buddha, but winds up with a boot singed by his lasers.

007 abruptly meets his end via Jesus crushing him with his foot, while Jesus' eye lasers fry 005 and drain away his strength. 002 is zapped by Buddha's hand lasers, leaving him smoking, twitching, and on the brink of death.

Suddenly, a white glowing figure appears, revealing itself to be "The God of Gods" from New York. A dying 002 looks up in recognition.

The Final Chapter: The Two Universes[]

As the ‘God of Gods’ vaporizes the Giant versions of Jesus and Buddha,002 on the verge of death begins to realize that it was human.Then the spirits ’ telepathically tells Geronimo that he has done well and that they will gather their aura to fight against their foes and put an end to this once and for all.

After the  Giant versions of Jesus and Buddha are vaporized by the combined might of the god of gods and  the spirits ,the latter tells 005 to join them as he is teleported away along with 002 leaving only 009 alone when the sea begins to go apart and coming out are a pillar of human faces and strange beings in the form of mythical gods and demons coming to attack 009  but then he was teleported by 001 along with 003.

Ivan tells 009 that the pillar of human faces he saw is a conglomerate or as it is considered a “Chief god”. He tells Joe about the cause of this situation that the world we live in is not what we expected.

He tells the history about another universe called the universe of light which was considered a peaceful universe,where there are no wars and conflicts,People who are called children of light  live as equals,their skin is transparent and they develop powers such as ESP for example,However the universe was constantly attacked by evil beings called the children of darkness. Denizens of the light universe gather to fight against the children of dark by using their only defense, merging with the children of dark which is thought to weaken their evil hearts but like the children of light the children of dark fuse with the children of light merging them into one physical body with two spirits.One by one the process repeats itself that the government of the universe of light exile them into the blue planet which it is considered as a penal colony and relocate it to the universe of Dark to replace the dead planet  where it will remain isolated  to remain with dead planets which as it turns out the blue planet is earth itself.The children of light who are kind-hearted give light to earth  for a limited amounts of time which is considered to be the sun.

001 tells 009 that the continent he is teleported to is the ruins of the birthplace of the first extremists whose purpose is to kidnap the children of light to obtain its DNA.

Continuing the story,001 explains that the Human body we use is to seal the combined light and dark spirits within.And when a human body dies the spirit is split into two with the light spirit return to the universe of light  to regain their original memories and continue with a new mission in a new human body to repeat the process all over again thus giving the myth of ‘reincarnation’ and ‘heaven’,While the children of Dark like the children of light return to their original universe except some who didn’t reach a certain point  remain to wander on earth without a body thus giving the myth of ‘ghosts’,The spirit world that 004 heard of during his time in the ‘fairy village'  encountered was  actually the universe of light while the dark spirits are trapped in the tunnel trying to get out.

The Universe of light government wanted to return earth back to the universe of light ,But through the observation of their device known to people of earth as flying saucers they realize that the spirit of darkness begins to overtake the spirit of light.

While those who overcome the spirit of light begins to spread their righteousness and virtue and are being called by people as gods like Buddha and Jesus, those with dark spirit bring terrible things to the planet like crimes,corruption and pollution.

009 realize that the beings they are fighting who are called “Gods” are actually the spirit of darkness who are called ‘demons’.003 realize that Alan is just the composite of two people ‘good and evil’,The same happens with 009’s encounter with  Hisui and Himiko with the latter’s plan to make people commit suicide to release the spirit of darkness ,The others like the fairy and the yeti the other cyborg soldiers encounter are the children of light who are exiled despite that their hearts are pure.

The dark spirits manipulated the cyborg soldiers to increase the despair so that the dark spirits will be free to conquer,The pyramids 008 encounter were used for the spirit of light as their refuge,The spirit of light didn’t expect  that the blue planet they live was exiled so they use their ESP powers to  create their surveillance pyramid on Mars and when they saw  that an unmanned Mars lander guided by the dark spirits land on Mars they summon a disaster to attack them.

As the dark beings are about to attack the three cyborg soldiers,001 continues the tale that he contacted Alan the one 003 encountered is an observer for the universe of light’s government,He tells 001 that the government has set an expiry date on earth ,December 23rd ,2012 where they make a decision whether to return it to its original place or destroy it .As they realize that the earthlings are too late to being reformed , they decided to destroy the planet.

001 concluded that the various incidents and death throughout the situation is nothing but an evacuation from the planet before it’s intended destruction .The 3 cyborg soldiers are conflicted in this situation about the difference between  good and evil ,right and wrong and what they are really fighting against.

001 is giving an option to 009  whether to return to the universe of light through death  or fight,If he chooses to fight 001 point out that there is a way to defeat the chief god that will likely exterminate the evil spirits within but it will cause them to no longer exist.He explained to him that he and Gilmore planned this as he will impersonate as the evil spirit to become one with the chief god and that 001 will soon join with him making themselves as a weak point and they have 008 to go along with their plan.

As the armies of “Gods and mythical figures” approaches,001 gives 009 a ultimatum ,Despite that there are many people who are evil, there is good within them and good people sacrifice their lives to keep fighting and save innocent people  and that they would never be allowed to be captured by the dark spirits to be their slaves ,009 choose the option to fight and end the battle once and for all.

003 would go along with 009 as she doesn't want to live in a world without him.As 001 go forward with the plan by letting his spirit merge with the ‘chief god’. Joe and Francoise remain to share their final moments with each other as they admit their love with one another.Before they commence the final attack against the ‘chief god’ Joe ask Francoise what will she be when she is reborn in the next life ,She answered that she would be his wife.

We then cut to the page where the earth begins to explode without sound ,lights of orbs rippled and  circled outward causing the earth to engulfed by light and then begins to disappear and taking its place is a lifeless gray planet.

The remaining pages are now in color as it takes place in the year designated 201X  on what appears to be planet earth surrounded by stars where its surroundings are peaceful as it is considered a utopia.

Somewhere on a beach near Tokyo, Dr. Gilmore talks with a man who resemble  and is named similar to  Ishinomori is  drawing a doodle of him in his sketchpad. The other cyborg soldiers who are now resurrected and human are spending their time together in the beach when their friends Joe and Francoise appear except Ivan (though the light novel mentions that Ivan stays alongside Gilmore which might be possible or misconception in the manga that Ivan is reborn as Joe and Francoise’s child )

The final page depicts a small glowing fetus surrounded by light symbolizes  the “child of light”, as it represents a hope for a new beginning and a better future.