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Kazuhiko Shimamoto (島本 和彦, born Hidehiko Tezuka/手塚 秀彦 on April 26, 1961) is a manga-ka prolific since the early 1980s. He is known for his works of "Blazing Transfer Student", "Moeyo Pen", and "Blue Blazes" (Aoi Honoo), which would later receive a TV drama adaptation.

Shimamoto is also known for his doujinshi series Urashimamoto, where he references and parodies manga that inspired him, including Cyborg 009 and the other works of Shotaro Ishinomori.


He would attend the Osaka University of Arts, which would later inspire the plot of the Blue Blazes series as a fictionalized, semi-autobiographical telling of his time there. He would meet other future industry figures there such as Hideaki Anno (famous for Neon Genesis Evangelion).

But in 1982, he would drop out to pursue a full-time career of becoming a manga-ka. To avoid comparison and confusion with Osamu Tezuka, the young author would take on the Shimamoto alias.

Part of his drive in being a manga-ka was his hope of eventually getting to work with his idol, Shotaro Ishinomori, as an assistant and hoping to play a part in the completion of the final chapter of Cyborg 009 (the "Angels" arc had been influential to him). Down the line, while doing several of his own works, Shimamoto would get to collaborate with Ishinomori, first drawing a manga short titled Kamen Rider Black PART X Imitation 7, then doing an adaptation of the Kamen Rider ZO film and working on Ishinomori's Manga Nihon no Kezai.

Around 1997, an ailing Ishinomori approached Shimamoto with the offer for him to work on a reboot of Skull Man, as well as to co-plot the final chapter of Cyborg 009, now titled Conclusion GOD'S WAR. Ishinomori gave Shimamoto free reign for the new Skull Man plot, letting him do whatever he had wished.

Sadly, the collaborative Cyborg 009 project was never realized, due to Ishinomori's passing on January 28, 1998. Shimamoto would profess to having to re-think the plot of the Skull Man remake, and it wound up becoming a tribute to Ishinomori, especially towards its end.

Shimamoto would later learn he was left out of the planning of GOD'S WAR, to some of his own protest and frustration, but would eventually get to work on some incarnation of the "final chapter" around the time Joe Onodera's light novel series finished, via the "Angels" one-shot published as part of the Heroes Come Back event in November 2012.

Through his body of work, he is known for his author alter-ego character of Moyuru Honoo, protagonist of Moeyo Pen, Hoero Pen, Shin Hoero Pen, and Blue Blazes.



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