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Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman

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Jamieson Price

Jinmen is a villain of Go Nagai's Devilman franchise and a supporting antagonist of the OVA crossover film Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman.


At some point before the start of the 009 vs. Devilman OVA, Jinmen has consumed several victims and keeps their faces preserved on the back of his shell. One such victim is Sachiko, a close friend of Devilman protagonist Akira Fudo.

In the first episode, Akira learns of Sachiko's fate when he sees her preserved face on Jinmen's shell. Akira's grief and rage over his friend's suffering triggers his transformation into Devilman, but initially he hesitates from killing Jinmen because of his reluctance in hurting Sachiko.

Jinmen's downfall comes when Sachiko's face tells Akira to kill her as she's already dead. Putting his feelings behind him, Akira punches into Jinmen through Sachiko's face, seriously injuring the tortoise demon. After gently closing Sachiko's remaining eye, Akira then proceeds to rip apart Jinmen's shell, kiling the demon and avenging the deaths of his devoured victims.


Jinmen is a demon resembling a giant bipedal tortoise with a snake-like tongue and neck, a noticeably muscular physique (with bulging veins), sharp claws on his fingers and toes, bright yellow eyes, a short tail, a dark green shell, and a lighter green underside.

Like his original Devilman incarnation, Jinmen's shell is decorated with the faces of his devoured victims, with all of them moaning and screaming in pain as they are preserved by Jinmen's power.


Similar to his characterization in the original Devilman manga, Jinmen is an incredibly sadistic demon who relishes in the pain and suffering his victims go through. He keeps and preserves the faces of those he devoured on the back of his shell, so he can hear their constant screams, and use his victims' relationships with other people to lower their guard while attacking.

Ultimately, Jinmen's habit of keeping his victims' face alive and preserved ultimately plays in his defeat when Sachiko, one of his victims, tells a transformed Akira to kill her, motivating him to kill Jinmen once and for all.



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