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New York City, New York, USA




Yoshiko Kamei

English VA

Barbara Goodson

Jimmy (ジミー Jimi) is Cathy's son and one of Jet Link's young friends in New York. He appears in episode 19 of the 2001 anime Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier.


Jimmy is a young boy with scruffy medium-dark blonde hair, blue eyes, and three small freckles on his cheeks. He wears a small white bandage strip later in the episode.

He wears a bright red jacket, a blue T-shirt, forest green pants with a black belt, and brown shoes.


Jimmy is an impressionable child who strongly idolizes Jet. While Jet's stories about his adventures are true (albeit extremely idealistic with a lot of parts made up), Jimmy sees them as "cool" and sees the 00 cyborg as some kind of hero. His relationship with Jet is that of a surrogate older-younger brother relationship.

He has a strained relationship with Cathy, largely because his father walked out on them and Cathy opposes his bonding with Jet. However, he was worried when the building Cathy was in caught on fire, and was happy when she emerged safe and sound. Towards the end, both mother and son have repaired their relationship.


Jimmy is the only son of Cathy who runs the Sweet Pot coffee shop. He loves the stories Jet tells him about the 00 cyborgs and Black Ghost, namely "002", the heroic protagonist of these stories. While the stories are true, Jimmy sees them as just stories, unaware at the time that his hero 002 is actually a codename given to Jet by Black Ghost.

While Cathy sees Jet as a trouble-maker filling her son's head with nonsense and teaching him how to fight, Jimmy sees Jet as an older brother or possibly a father figure since his own real father abandoned the family.