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Jean Arnoul is a minor character appearing in the series Cyborg 009. He is the older brother of 003 (Françoise Arnoul). Some of his details may differ, depending on the incarnation:


  • Out of the anime adaptations, Jean is only ever referenced twice in the 2001 "Cyborg Soldier" series, first in "At the End of the Battle" when Françoise compares Joe protecting to her as being like an "older brother" and like something that Jean would have done (however, the dub changed this to her claiming that 0010 "felt like an older brother" and then proceeding to compare him to Jean). Jean then shows up in flashbacks in "Christmas Eve Mirage".
    • However, an offhand reference is made to Françoise having a "brother" at the end of the 1979 series, when Joe points out to her that her brother and parents are still alive. Jean was also mentioned in the Animage magazine origin for 003, though this detail never came up in-series.
    • In turn, the fate of the Arnoul parents differ in the various adaptations; the manga never makes mention of them, while the 1966 film claims they were killed in a war, with no mention made of Françoise having any siblings. The Asahi Sonorama light novel Cyborg 009: SF Roman makes mention of Françoise living with her younger brother and mother, while her older brother (implied to be Jean) has been drafted into the military.
  • By the time of the initial publication of the 1965 "Prologue" chapter, 003's intended name was simply "Arnoul", and her brother was "Jean". Due to the early Sunday Comics volumes listing her name as "Arnoul Françoise", some fans conjecture if "Françoise" was to also be Jean's initial surname. But after 003's civilian name was finalized and after Jean's re-appearance in 1985, the name "Jean Arnoul" became fully official.