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Jack is a character appearing in the fifteenth episode of the 1968 Cyborg 009 series, titled "Tragedy of the Beast Men". He is a time traveler from the year 2268, where Earth has become a post-apocalyptic society after the events of the third World War. He is the boyfriend of Rina, and loosely based off the character that was her older brother in the manga.


Jack is a young man wearing a khaki trenchcoat concealing his false arms, as well as the fact that his chest is entirely covered in fish-like scales. He has short, dark hair with a sweeping fringe.


As with his manga counterpart, Jack does not have much to go on for his personality, though he was desperate to get his arm back.


Outside the Chang Changku restaurant, a young couple had been involved in a traffic accident. However, the two people would soon be revealed to be from the future, specifically the 23rd century. As Jack had lost one of his arms in the commotion, his girlfriend Rina was sent to attempt to retrieve it.

Unfortunately, the three time patrollers who had observed the couple had cornered Jack and executed him in the back seat of their car for his "treason" in nearly revealing their presence, shooting him with their specialized guns.

This would turn Rina vengeful, and play a part in her trying to destroy 003's legs (succeeding in shooting one) out of her jealousy at the cyborg for still having working legs and a lover.

It was revealed that after the nuclear fallout of the Third World War, Rina was born without her feet, Jack was born without arms and with a scaly body, and Rina's brother Noah had unspecified facial deformities leaving him to mask himself.


  • Though with quite the liberties taken to the manga story, this adaptation would preserve some of the settings that would later be removed, such as the young man being born without his arms and having scales.
  • Interestingly enough, the analogue to this character in the 2001 series (Nichol) would also be made the lover of that incarnation of Rina, rather than her brother, and a separate character (Phil) would serve in the brother role.