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The Ishmael

The Ishmael

The Ishmael is an alien crystalline space battleship from the planet Komadar and the main mode of transportation for the 00 Cyborgs to rescue Dr. Cosmo and Cyborg 001 in the film Cyborg 009 The Movie: Legend of the Super Galaxy.


The Ishmael is a long crystal blue spaceship with bird-like wings and a tail, a long curved bow with a pontoon-like structure on each side and a sail-like structure which houses the command bridge. Its interior is very alien in structural design with many flashing lights on the consoles and futuristic equipment far beyond anything Earth is capable of producing.


Abilities and Equipment[]

The Ishmael has capabilities similar to the Dolphin ships in that it can fly in the air and travel on water and underneath it. As an alien spaceship, space travel is one of its pre-determined functions and does so with amazing capability as it is able to gracefully maneuver around an asteroid field and travel at amazing speeds, as it was able to leave the Sol system within a few hours. However, it cannot make a long distance journey across hundreds of lightyears without the aid of wormholes or artificial stargates as the distance would be too far for any crew to survive long enough to reach their destination.

The ship is equipped with a galley, as proven when 006 appears and brings dumplings he made for his teammates to eat. The Ishamael is armed with a "Nova Missile", a blue Yamato wave motion-style energy beam of great destructive power that when focused and fired can destroy any vessel but requires a bit of charging up before firing to use. The ship is also armed with manually operated rapid fire laser turrets.


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