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Ishimori Productions is a Television and Manga studio that was founded in 1968 by Shotaro Ishinomori. The company is known for inventing the modern Japanese tokusatsu superhero genre with the creation of Kamen Rider and the manga Cyborg 009, which later established the concepts of Super Sentai and its adaptation, Power Rangers.

Ishimori Entertainment, Inc.[]

In 2004, an off-shoot titled Ishimori Entertainment, Inc. was formed, in expectations of having more Ishinomori properties adapted, after the then-recent adaptations of Cyborg 009 and Kikaider had been released. It was a joint venture between Ishimori Productions and ITOCHU Corp., along with the Michael Uslan-owned film company Comic Book Movies. At the time, Comic Book Movies had planned to adapt one of Ishinomori's titles for a live-action feature film, later revealed to be Cyborg 009 [1].

Ishimori Entertainment was made for the purpose of introducing various works to a worldwide audience, with Comic Book Movies being responsible for the live-action adaptation portion for Hollywood productions.

31 different titles were made available for licensing and adaptation[2]:

  • 009-1
  • Agartha (アガルタ)
  • Android V (アンドロイドV)
  • Bancho Planet (番長惑星, part 3 of the Ryu trilogy)
  • The Blue Beast (青いけもの)
  • Blue Zone (ブルーゾーン)
  • Bon Bon (ボンボン)
  • Dog World (ドッグワールド)
  • Donkikko (ドンキッコ)
  • Future Rescue Team Earth Guard 7 (未来救助隊アスガード7)
  • Ghost Ship (幽霊船)
  • Green Glass (グリングラス)
  • GR Number 5 (GRナンバー5)
  • Iron Mask Cross x Iron Mask Detective Gen (鉄面クロス×鉄面探偵ゲン)
  • Iyan Poko (いやんポコ)
  • Jun (ジュン)
  • Kunoichi Detective Story (ノ一捕物帖)
  • Mutant Sabu (ミュータント・サブ)
  • Primitive Boy Ryu (原始少年リュウ, part 2 of the Ryu trilogy)
  • Robot 7 (ロボット7)
  • Sabu and Ichi's Detective Tales (佐武と市捕物控)
  • Sarutobi Ecchan (さるとびエッちゃん)
  • Sandarabocchi (さんだらぼっち)
  • Secondary Angel (二級天使)
  • The Skull Man (スカルマン)
  • The Starbow (ザ・スターボウ)
  • Thousand Eyes Teacher (千の目先生)
  • Tonari no Tamageta-kun (となりのたまげ太くん)
  • The Way of Ryu (リュウの道, part 1 of the Ryu trilogy)
  • Wild Cat (ワイルドキャット)
  • Wonder Man Harimao (怪傑ハリマオ)

Unfortunately, out of the 31 planned titles, only 009-1 would see fruition in a 2006 anime adaptation, along with a much different take on The Skull Man via BONES in 2007. Ishimori Entertainment seemingly dissolved after this, and their website expired. Archived copies of the site show that it provided information on the various titles and characters proposed for licensing[3].

The Cyborg 009 live-action plans would eventually fall through, with CBM later attempting to get a Western-animated movie written by Peter Chung off the ground, before it too was scrapped [4] [5].

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