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Hisui Kagariya (篝矢翡翠 Kagariya Hisui) is a character exclusive to the final Cyborg 009 chapter, Conclusion: GOD'S WAR and the various adaptations of it. She is most notable for being the host to an alternate personality calling herself Himiko, who carries god-like powers. Her story arc and the circumstances of her upbringing may vary through each, along with her connection to Joe/009.

  • Hisui Kagariya (GOD'S WAR, OVA): An incarnation of Hisui seen in the 3-episode "GOD'S WAR: Prologue" OVA, which ran as an omake to the 2001-2002 "Cyborg Soldier" series.
  • Hisui Kagariya (GOD'S WAR, 2012 Manga): The incarnation of Hisui seen in Joe Onodera's 2006-2012 light novel series and 2012-2014 manga adaptation of the concept.


  • In Ishinomori's first draft for the "Conspiracy of the Goddess" chapter, Hisui was 24 years old and had the provisional name of Igusa (いぐさ), but had her age raised to 27 by the second draft and her name changed.