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Helena may usually refer to a Greek-themed cyborg based off of Helen of Troy, appearing in the Mythos Cyborgs arc. However, she can also be seen in other incarnations, usually merged with the similar character of Helen.

In her original manga depiction, she is the sister of Apollo.


  • As Ishinomori tended to use the Greek and Latin versions of mythological names for the Mythos team, "Helena" may more accurately be "Helen" in English. However, due to the fact that both versions of the name are written differently in katakana ("Helena" as ヘレナ herena, "Helen" as ヘレン heren), as well as the similar character of Helen, the "Helena" spelling is more often used in English sources to differentiate the two. The French edition by Glenat does refer to both girls as "Helene", which presents confusion for French readers in how the two are separate yet identical.
  • She had been forgotten in recent media produced after 1993, due to being replaced with Artemis in the 2001 anime series. Although, Artemis would have replaced her in the 1980 anime adaptation of the "Mythos Cyborgs" arc, had it not been cancelled. Due to the OVA Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman adapting the original "Mythos" as part of its storyline, Helena was used once more, after having not appeared in any media since the Mega-CD game.
Helena 2000visualdevelopment

Helena, as depicted by Konno in 2000.

  • A 2000 visual development trailer by Naoyuki Konno does indicate there was initial consideration of including Helena in the "Cyborg Soldier" series, before instead opting to adapt Ishinomori's scrapped Artemis design.