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Helen CS

Full Name



The Yomi Kingdom




Princess of the Underground Empire




Yuki Masuda

English VA

Michelle Ruff

Helen is one of the princesses of the Yomi Kingdom, appearing in the last in-continuity arc of the series Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier. She makes her formal debut in episode 44, after appearing in the cliffhanger in the previous episode.


Much like her manga counterpart, Helen wears a tiara with a red gem in the center, however, this is done as a way to differentiate her from the other four sisters, along with her having solid deep blue eyes. She has short, orange-red hair that is worn spiked up.

Throughout the arc, Helen wears a sleeveless seafoam green dress with white shoulder and neck ribbing, as well as oversized buttons.


Helen is gentle and shy, though insecure due to having gaps in her memory. This is revealed to be due to her being mind-wiped and sent to the world above ground as a spy. She slowly recovers her memory, after having to be reminded of who she was by her younger sister Vena.

Through the arc, she prefers to be close to Joe, which causes Francoise to become incredibly jealous and annoyed over her presence. After Helen is fatally injured by Van Vogt shooting her, she continues to show her feelings for Joe and uses the last bit of her strength to help him out.


Initially, Helen does not appear to have any special abilities, though this is due to the mind-wipe having suppressed her ability to sense her sisters' thoughts and feelings.

She fully recovers her memories later on in the arc, and is able to learn from her sisters about 004's location.



  • The English dub of the "Cyborg Soldier" series (and other overseas dubs based off its scripts) mistakenly referred to Helen as Vena's younger sister, while the original dialogue had Vena saying that she was Helen's younger sister, which fits in with what the manga states about Helen being the oldest of the five. Viewers of the dub may wind up getting the impression that Vena is instead the oldest of the five.
  • While all five sisters are voiced by the same actress in the Japanese version to play off of how they're physically identical, foreign dubs opt to differentiate the siblings even further by having a different actress voice each, perhaps to highlight the varying personalities.