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Helen may refer to one of the princesses of the Yomi Kingdom, who appears in the Underground Empire of Yomi arc in the Cyborg 009 manga and adaptations sourcing from it. She is not to be confused with Helena, a character with a similar appearance.


Helena and Helen

A section of the 1977 Roman Album making reference to the two types of Helen(a), in relation to the "Monster Wars" film.

  • Due to the aforementioned similarities between Helena and Helen, they occasionally were merged into one "Helena" character. This occurs in the 1967 film "Monster Wars", the 1978 light novel "Cyborg 009: SF Roman", and in the 1993 Mega-CD game.
    • As mentioned on Helena's page, her name would also technically be "Helen" due to Ishinomori using the Latin name for the Helen of Troy character. However, him using the more Western form for the Yomi arc Helen and the girls being easy to confuse as it is leads to "Helena" being kept to differentiate the two in English and other translations where Helen of Troy would already be referred to by a different variation (such as the Italian edition, where "Elena" is used for the Mythos character while "Helen" is used for the Yomi one). However, the French edition does refer to both girls as "Helene", creating confusion for new readers.