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True Leaders of Black Ghost


Demon Statue Control


Japanese VA

Kenji Utsumi

Ryoko Kinomiya

Yusho Uemara

English VA

Jamieson Price

Barbara Goodson

Mari Devon

The Black Ghost's Generalissimo (総統, soto, lit. "president"/"fuhrer"/"generalissimo" ), also referred to as the Demon God Statue (魔神 Majin) and alternatively as Generalissimo or Emperor in English editions, is the ultimate enemy that appears in the Underground Empire of Yomi arc.

At first, it appears to be a mere statue, but is soon revealed to have a mind (or minds) of its own, as the true identity behind the entity as revealed during a battle inside it.


The Generalissimo has the appearance of a towering, muscular, eagle-faced statue with wings. When standing still, it has its arms crossed, but can freely move its limbs when attacking.

But on the inside, the Generalissimo is actually a hi-tech Black Ghost base, and its true form is shown to be that of three brains in glass cases, who communicate telepathically to 009.


The brains behind the Generalissimo are wicked and deadly with no regard for others' lives, and are aimed on causing death and destruction in their goals to finally complete Black Ghost's mission of world domination.

They consider Skull to have been nothing but a puppet to their cause, and melt him once he's failed to defeat 009 and served enough of a purpose. They are confident that as long as evil exists in humans, the Black Ghost organization will always be a threat and will rise again.


The Generalissimo can emit waves of nuclear radiation strong enough to melt living creatures, as well as fly.

Inside, the brains are shown to control a whip-like extension that zaps and melts Skull down.




  • This character is referred to as Ares in the light novel Cyborg 009: SF Roman, although other adaptations keep it as the Generalissimo/Demon God Statue.
  • The Tokyopop edition is inconsistent with the localization of its title, at times referring to it by "Generalissimo" but as "Emperor" as well.