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Gamo's Revenge
Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier
Season 2, Episode 14
Air date July 28, 2002 (TV Tokyo)
September 18, 2004 (Cartoon Network)
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Gamo's Revenge (シンクロワープ ―同調跳躍―, Synchro Warp: The Tuning Leap) is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier.

Plot Summary[]


In this episode Gamo is with the four new assassins, muttering to him. Then you see him when he was younger. Talking to his son, his wife was pounding on the door, telling him to stop. Then you see the zero-zero team sitting on the edges of beds with Gilmore had explaining to them what happened with 001 and his father. Then 002, 005, 007, and 008 were doing a search. As they were flying in the Dolphin, Phil pulled them onto a deserted island to send into the future. After fighting with them, Phil and Kane went back to the group. When they tried to send them into the future, 001 tells 009 to use his accelerator to mess up the flow. They decide to eliminate him first. When 009 couldn't fight them anymore, Kane knocked him off balance, causing the necklace to revile itself. When the Lina saw it, she was forced to go into the future with 009