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Escape from the Great Forest
Episode 37
009 1979 Ep. 37
Air date December 18, 1979
Written by Sakai Akiyoshi
Directed by Iku Suzuki
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Escape from the Great Forest is the thirty-seventh episode of the 1979 Cyborg 009 Anime.

Plot Summary[]

009 and 003 are on a flight with athletes training for the 1980 Winter Olympics, planning on attending the sporting event, when suddenly the plane is forcefully dragged down and crashes due to a strange red beam of energy hitting it. As 009 scouts ahead, 003 tends to the wounded passengers, only to discover the place where they had crashed is a base for Neo Black Ghost as soldiers come and quickly turn a disaster into a hostage situation! Can 009 fend off the goons of Neo Black Ghost and rescue the athletes and 003?



The 00 Cyborgs[]


  • The Olympics the episode is referring to in the opening minutes of the show is the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York, USA. The biggest highlight of that event was the "Miracle on Ice" where the USA men's hockey team beat the then undefeated USSR men's hockey team 4-3. This event and the global hype surrounding it was due to a lot of political tensions between the US and the Soviet Union during the time period.
  • 009 and 003 are the only cyborgs to appear in this episode. The Dolphin II picks them up, but the episode ends before viewers can see who is piloting it.