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Erika Whisky was the mother of Cyborg 001. In most tellings of the story, she is deceased due to being murdered by her husband, although in other incarnations, her fate is left ambiguous or she is entirely absent.


Erika generally appears as a short-haired woman with a broad, somewhat overweight build. In the original manga, her hair was not shaded in any grayscale tones, suggesting that it may have been blonde or very light-colored. In contrast, the 1979 and 2001 anime adaptations depict her as a brunette.

Her manga and 1979 incarnations wore a dress and a heavy coat, while her 2001 incarnation wore a long-sleeved dress and apron.


Erika was deeply protective over her son, and was appalled to see what Gamo had done to their child. She was strongly against her husband's experimentation, and adamant about putting a stop to it.

In the 2001 incarnation, she is depicted even more powerless to stop her husband, simply crying and pleading for him to not operate on Ivan.


After coming home earlier than she was expected to, Erika happened upon Gamo performing brain surgery on their son. Though Erika protested against his unethical treatment of their son, Gamo insisted he was only trying to open up the full potential of the human mind. After Erika threatened to report him to the police and to take Ivan away, Gamo struck her in the head with a wrench, fatally wounding her. At that moment, the Black Ghost operatives arrived at the house with an offer for Gamo to come with them, and he left Erika's body behind.

The 1979 adaptation follows the above telling closely, while the 2001 adaptation depicts Erika being locked outside the laboratory and unable to stop her husband due to that circumstance. It is unknown what happened to Erika afterwards in the latter version. Although, since Gamo took off to the Black Ghost organization with their son shortly afterwards, she may have been killed offscreen or may have died in the ensuing decades, unaware of whatever ultimately became of the two. This adaptation also added the detail that Ivan had been born with a degenerative brain condition, and that Gamo's surgery was (initially) to repair the damage.