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Dr. Kozumi
Dr kozumi

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Dr. Kozumi



Dr. Kozumi (コズミ博士, Kozumi-hakase, given name unknown) is a scientist colleague of Dr. Gilmore, who he knew from his days at Harvard. After Dr. Gilmore and the 00 cyborg team escape the Black Ghost base, Kozumi provides shelter for them at his villa.




Due to him being an authority on biochemistry, it would not take long for Kozumi to wind up targeted by various illicit organizations who intend to steal his drug formula, with them arriving a month after the cyborgs had been living at his villa.

He also wound up targeted by Black Ghost during the team's stay, leading to him being abducted and for the team to have to track down his whereabouts, with 009 encountering 0012 and 0013 in the process.

After the assassin cyborgs were defeated, the team left Japan and Kozumi behind, as they went to follow a lead of the Black Ghost organization being in Vietnam. He does not feature in the manga after this point.



  • In the 1968 anime, the "Kozumi" name is instead assigned to the Dr. Dolphin character from the manga. Oddly, in a short tie-in comic for the 1968 series, Ishinomori drew "Dr. Kozumi" with the design of the original character.