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Dr. Kozumi

Full Name

Dr. Kozumi (first name unknown)








Kōhei Takiguchi (credited as "Junpei Takiguchi")

English VA

Michael Lee Reynolds (credited as "Ray Michaels")

Dr. Kozumi (given name unknown) is a minor supporting character in the 2001 anime Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier. An old friend and colleague of Dr. Gilmore, he aids the 00 cyborgs by offering them sanctuary at his home while they were on the run from Black Ghost.


Dr. Kozumi appears as a short, elderly man with a full head of gray hair and a prominent beard and mustache. His mustache resembles the smile made by a "kaomoji cat".

He's usually seen wearing a dark green kimono with a black obi (sash) belt. In the episode Tears of Steel, he wears a white lab coat while working on an antidote for Cyborg 0011's poisonous rain. He's always seen wearing glasses.


Dr. Kozumi is wise, intelligent, and perceptive. He is willing to help Dr. Gilmore and the 00 cyborgs hide from Black Ghost, and doesn't hold it against them when their fights against Black Ghost's cyborg assassins wreck his home. His skills in biochemistry proved vital in curing the effects of Cyborg 0011's poisonous rain, and he enjoys playing shogi, a Japanese chess-like strategy game.

Dr. Kozumi played an important role in the 00 cyborgs' emotional development as a family by remarking that Dr. Gilmore had grown to care about the 00 cyborgs more than he was willing to admit. When Dr. Gilmore tried to deny it, Dr. Kozumi advised him that having a family is a precious gift, and being surrounded by those you love is a treasure worth more than anything in the world.