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Dr. Isaac Gilmore is a scientist specializing in cybernetics, and part of the main cast of Cyborg 009. In all of his incarnations, he defects from the Black Ghost organization along with the 00 cyborgs and assists them in their escape and battles.


  • While Dr. Gilmore's age was left unstated in the original manga, the 2001 anime adaptation gave him the age of "63" and the birthyear of 1938, to have him correspond to what Shotaro Ishinomori's age would have been had he lived to the new millennium. Ishinomori had previously revealed Gilmore's birthdate (1/25) to correspond with his own. In Ishinomori's notes for "God's War", he is given the age of 77 in the year of 2012. Although exclusive to that continuity, it is sometimes also used as a placeholder.
  • Dr. Gilmore's ethnicity also tends to be left unstated or undecided, although the 2001 series states that he is a Russian Jew. The Shotaro Ishinomori Character Guide by Junichi Fukuda had previously decided upon Jewish as his ethnicity, due to his name possibly being sourced from Isaac Asimov, as well as Ishinomori stating he was Jewish in one draft of the "God's War" concept. The 1968 and 1979 incarnations are stated to be American, while an early Asahi Sonorama profile for him claimed that he was Italian.
  • The term "hakase" can alternatively be translated as "Doctor" or "Professor"; while most English translations use "Dr. Gilmore", the dub of the 2001 series alternates between calling him "Doctor" and "Professor".