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Dr. Gamo Whisky

Full Name

Dr. Gamo Whisky


Moscow, Russia




Black Ghost scientist


Seizō Katō

English VA

Tony Pope

Dr. Gamo Whisky (renamed Gamo Asimov in the English dub and other dubs based from its scripts) is the biological father of Ivan Whisky and a major villain of the "Mutant Warriors" arc in Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier.

A former brain surgeon, Gamo went mad trying to nurse his terminally ill child back to health and resorted to performing deadly brain-enhancing experiments. Although a minor character, he dealt a heavy impact on Ivan's life.




Dr. Gamo Whisky was a prominent brain surgeon living with his wife Erika and infant son Ivan in Moscow, Russia. When Ivan was diagnosed with a deadly terminal illness, Gamo dedicated every second of his life trying to find a cure. Eventually, he drove himself mad, and soon he began experimenting on his son just for the sake of it. Ivan's mother Erika saw what her husband was doing and protested the experiments, but ultimately she went unheard.

Black Ghost soon heard of Gamo's talent and recruited him. When they discovered Ivan's now vast intelligence and psychic powers, Black Ghost decided to bring him along as well. The last time Gamo saw his son was on an operating table, as he told the scientists working for Black Ghost to do whatever they want with Ivan. Realizing that his father was abandoning him, Ivan threw a psychic tantrum by telekinetically moving all the laboratory equipment. Gamo ordered his infant child to stop and left, never looking back at the son he once loved.


  • Gamo murdering his wife Erika in Ivan's backstory was excised from the 2001 anime, as the producers thought the scene was too dark to be animated. It could be assumed that Erika may have died offscreen sometime later, or may have died over the ensuing decades, as no further reference is made to her after the flashback to Gamo's experimentation.