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Dr. Gamo Whisky is the estranged father of 001, and a mad scientist who was responsible for giving his son psychic powers via unethical brain experiments. His motivation for doing so may vary throughout his incarnations, along with his amount of presence in the overall story.


  • All incarnations of Gamo tend to spell his surname as "Whisky" in Western reading, save for the Archaia graphic novel, which spells it out as "Wisky". However, the "Wisky" spelling is also occasionally seen in some materials for the 2001 series.
  • The Tokyopop translation of the original manga opts to simply refer to this character as "Dr. Gamo" for unknown reasons, which left some readers confused as to if he was referred to by given name or surname. The original Japanese text in "Prologue" mostly ever refers to the doctor by his surname Whisky, with Gamo only being mentioned after he's joined Black Ghost at their laboratory.