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Dr. Gaia

Full Name

Dr. Gaia




Creator of the Mythos cyborgs


Ikuya Sawaki

English VA

Derek Stephen Prince (credited as "David Umansky")

Dr. Gaia is a minor antagonist of the 2001 anime Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier. He is the main villain of the Mythos arc, where he is a former Black Ghost scientist and the sole creator of the Greek God cyborgs.


Dr. Gaia is a very short man with black hair (with his hair spanning out from the side of his head in long tufts), a bald head, a large cartoon-like nose, and a long beard. He wears black shades, a white laboratory coat, black pants, and black dress shoes.


Dr. Gaia is an arrogant man with a borderline god complex. He believed that the matters of the human heart were only mere obstacles to a person's true potential, and so he saw a cyborg without a heart as the ultimate weapon. When he designed the Mythos cyborgs, he based most of them on the Greek Gods, which proved Gaia's megalomania.

He is a foil to Dr. Gilmore, both in personality and beliefs. While Gaia thinks humans are weak and wants to exterminate them all, Gilmore has seen the compassionate side of humanity and wants to save them from Black Ghost's manipulations. And while Gaia believed in ultimate power, Gilmore believed in restraint. Both serve as mentors to their cyborg teams, but while Gilmore serves as a mentor and father figure to the 00 cyborgs, Gaia does not care for his own creations and is willing to kill them if they stop being useful.


During the days of Black Ghost, Dr. Gaia was often at blows with his rival and colleague Dr. Gilmore. One issue they never agreed on was whether if cyborgs can be powerful yet still retain their human side. Dr. Gilmore believed that a heart was the most important part of being a human, but Dr. Gaia disagreed. He believed in the superiority of the machine, so he designed his own cyborgs to be without basic empathy, basing his inspirations on the Greek gods of legend and other Greek mythological creatures.

After the destruction of Black Ghost, Dr. Gaia went underground and directed his cyborgs to annihilate the human race, telling them it is for the greater good and if they succeeded, they would rebuild Earth into a paradise. One such incident of destructive genocide was witnessed by a few of the 00 cyborgs, who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.


  • While Dr. Gaia's final fate is never displayed in the manga version of the "Mythos" arc, due to it being abruptly wrapped up by Ishinomori when the title was cancelled from Weekly Shonen King, the 2001 anime resolves the plot thread by having him die by Apollo.