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Dolphin 3

The Dolphin III is the most recent animated incarnation of the Dolphin series of vessels used by the 00 Cyborgs. It is the successor of the Dolphin II and the first Dolphin ship.


It is unknown when the ship was constructed, but it possesses advanced technology such as hypersonic propulsion and a cloaking device, making its construction and completion most likely recent given that kind of tech in real world terms is either a decade old by 2016 or are still in the early stages of development.

The ship first deployed when discussions with the UNG on the misunderstanding involving the deaths of Arnold Knox and Edward Higgins went sour and the militia began destroying their Texas ranch home. The team fled to a secret passageway and launched the ship from its hangar in a nearby lake to escape from the UNG.


D3 Scramjet

Dolphin III engages its scramjet.

The Dolphin III is equipped with a scramjet that allows the ship to fly at hypersonic speed and an advanced stealth system that allows the ship to cloak itself both from radar and visually from sight. Both wings can rotate the jet thrusters for quick pitching upward and leveling off when reaching higher altitudes. Like its predecessors, the Dolphin III is a submersible aircraft, able to travel in the air and on the sea or under it.

Unlike the Dolphin II, the Dolphin III cannot fly out of Earth's atmosphere into space and has a max altitude limit of 50,000 meters above Earth's atmosphere. For orbital space missions, it is equipped with "Strato-Pods", small rockets that can be fired from the missile launch bay to allow the Cyborgs to go into space.

While it seemingly has no weaponry, Dr. Gilmore hinted that the Dolphin III possibly could have weapons but chose not to resort to their use in the film, preferring to avoid conflict with the UNG to not make their situation as fugitives any worse. But, based on the Strato-Pod Launchers originally being rocket launcher bays, the ship could be outfitted and equipped with torpedoes or missiles of various types for combat if desired. It is unknown if the ship had any cannons or guns like its predecessors.

The ship also has a small hangar for a high speed motorcycle which belongs to 003.


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