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Dolphin II

The Dolphin II was a multipurpose vessel built by Professor Gilmore and 001, and the main transportation of the 00 cyborgs throughout the 1979 series. It is the successor to the original Dolphin after its destruction at the hands of Black Ghost.

This vehicle was also featured through much of the 1979-1981 Weekly Shonen Sunday run of the manga, due to the manga being done so there could be more Cyborg 009 material running alongside the anime series.

In the continuity of the 2016 Call of Justice film, the Dolphin II was decommissioned at some point, presumably due to its outdated technology, to be replaced by its succesor: Dolphin III.


The Dolphin II had the ability to change into different modes of transportation (fitting of its toyetic origins). In its standard submarine mode, it resembles a red and white dolphin with yellow "eyes" and used its twin jets and two large red rudders to maneuver swiftly in the water. In Jet Mode, the rudders flap up and lock into place, transforming into wings. The jet propellers also move upward and lock at the end of each wing, igniting the rocket fuel to lift the ship into the air. In Land Mode, the ship is outfitted with caterpillar tank treads for handling rough terrain and an exhaust intake at the bow. The ship is also outfitted with the ability to travel into space if necessary.

After Neo Black Ghost revealed themselves to the 00 Cyborgs and were preparing to launch an assault on Gilmore Laboratories, Dr. Gilmore armed and upgraded the ship with weaponry. Its armaments include missiles and torpedoes in the hangar bays, rocket launchers behind its dorsal fin and a high powered heat ray in the nose cone.



  • The Dolphin II name was labeled on the merchandise for the 1979 series, but it was simply referred to as The Dolphin in the show until the 17th episode.
    Dolphin II Toy

    Toy of the ship by Takatoku.